Watch R O N I’s “Higher Ground” video; the final part of her visual EP, ‘Crown’

R O N I  has shared “Higher Ground,” the fourth and final video for her Crown EP. R O N I’s Crown EP is due out next Wednesday, September 9, 2020 via InchPerSecond Records.

Regarding the inspiration behind the single, R O N I  stated: “‘Higher Ground’ is the final chapter of the 4 song EP ‘Crown’. The song was created from a ‘free-style’ session I did with my guitar, playing the same 2 chords over and over. The song was inspired by a 42 states road trip I did around the US, where I saw so many parts of this country and met so many people from all walks of life. This trip reminded me of how so many of us, no matter what our background is, where we are in our lives, and even what our political views are, are all interested in the same thing – live a fulfilled and joyous life, achieve our goals and be loved & love in return.

When I came up with it, I was feeling a sense of unification and shared fate, on a more universal level, rather than the normal ‘”my heartache, my love, my joy, my pain, etc.” That feeling of “we’re all in this together” filled me up with so much emotion and inspiration. I wanted to express this, also as a way to deal with my own experiences and emotions, to remind myself that I’m not the only one dealing with them, and through sharing and communicating with others about these experiences, we can all get to that Higher Ground we are striving to get to. “Higher Ground” is a song that carries peace energy and unification, and it is meant to bring people together wherever they are.”

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