Watch Rufus & Martha Wainwright perform “Hard Times” with McGarrigle family and friends


Martha Wainwright and many members of the legendary McGarrigle family and other friends helped Rufus Wainwright end his critically lauded #Roberecital #Quaratunes Instagram series, with a rendition of Stephen Foster’s “Hard Times.”

Rufus posted: “From the whole McGarrigle family and I to you, we have a single prayer for all: Hard times, come again no more. Thank you everyone for joining together with me for this beautiful performance of this classic Stephen Foster folk song! I truly could not have asked for a better way to send this series off.”

For the past 60 days Rufus has been performing a song every day via his official Instagram, HERE and Facebook HERE. The daily videos saw the singer-songwriter supreme performing new songs from UNFOLLOW THE RULES alongside classic catalog favorites, surprising rarities, and beloved cover versions.

Today’s performance of “Hard Times,” features his sister Martha Wainwright along with family and friends including:

Anna Mcgarrigle

Jane Mcgarrigle

Lily Lanken
Sylvan Lanken
Vinny Dow
Patrick Ferris
Gigi and Islay Mac Millan
Kathleen Weldon
And a couple of babies.