Wiplash is set to take the next step in their career with the release of their first single, “Préstame un Sentimiento,” which premiered from Nakama Records, Rebeleon Entertainment and Virgin Music Mexico. Written and composed by Wiplash, the song was produced by Jan Toussaint and Omar Vazquezand mixed by Sebastian Krys.

The lyrics were inspired by a situation they went through as a band in which they felt stagnant.  At the same time, the song also talks about toxic relationships and how sometimes despite our attempts to get away they become a vicious cycle.

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Wiplash was born in late 2020 when Moore (vocals), Roberto (drums), Daniel (bass) Diego (guitar) met through their content on social media and formed an instant connection thanks to the passion that they shared for music. As they all lived in different cities, it was impossible for them to get together to rehearse, so they started to sell their merchandise with their logo and save a trip to Mexico City. Their union is based on the composition of their songs and search for their own sound.

What none of them could anticipate was that more than 600 fans would arrive at their first in-person autograph signing: some with tattoos of their logo. Few artists have achieved such a strong connection with their fans in such a short time, and to date they have accumulated more than 700K followers on Tik Tok and 150K on Instagram.

More than 30K people pre-saved “Préstame un Sentimiento,” an impressive achievement for the debut of a band of kids between 17-21 years old. There is no doubt that their fans are fully committed to growing with the band and providing them with the support they need in this new phase of their career.

“Many people have been waiting for this single and it means a lot to us because we wrote it from a very deep place in our hearts.” – JJ Moore

They are currently preparing their first album by Nakama Records, Rebeleon Entertainment and Virgin Music, being the first group signed exclusively at this time by Virgin Music Mexico.