X Ambassadors in Birmingham at Iron City

Written By | Andrew Christopher

The venue (Iron City) is by far one of the best in the southeast, the first artist came on around 7. LPX from New York. They were interesting so say the least. Lots of spastic jumping around and laying on the stage singing. The crowd really wasn’t into them but towards the end of their set they came around.

After a 30 min change over on to the next opener Bearhands from California were a four member band. Their style was different than the first opener and in my opinion slightly better but still have lots of learning to go. Crowd seems to like them quite a bit more with many dancing around and clapping. Just put out a new record called, Fake Tunes and played a few songs from the album. They have kind of a Fall Out Boy vibe going for them and they engage the crowd by asking how everyone is doing and who’s ready for X Ambassadors.


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X Ambassadors came out and everyone went crazy! Their entire show was incredible, they played new song Boom and ended the night with the classics! He hit many impressive high notes and danced around while playing the saxophone making the crowd go crazy. The lead singers brother (keyboard player/background vocals) is blind and played a beautiful classical piano solo. Everyone was silent during his performance then cheered so loud! What an incredible concert, I’ll definitely go back if their ever back in town!!!

Photo Credit | Andrew Christopher

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