Yaksta (Bush Lawd) wants you to take a moment and reflect in new track – Ambition OUT NOW!

Written By | Leyan Bitar

The Jamaican singer, producer, artist, and actor, Kemaul Martin Aka Yaksta (Bush Lawd) is back making waves with his 2021 single “Ambition.” Produced by Afro Boi Entertainment and WussMuzikk, the three minute-forty-two second track, is an uplifting and encouraging anthem that reaches out directly to the youth listening. Over a reggae/dancehall inspired beat, the St. Mary, Jamaica native stresses the importance of building ‘generational wealth’ and avoiding validation seeking from others.

In the track’s two verses, Yaksta rids himself of focus on flashy material things and looks forward to other, more valuable aspects of life. He poses a lot of hypothetical questions in his lyric, not expecting his audience to answer, but rather think. He expects his audience to truly reflect on what value does a Louis Vuitton (or as he says a “Louis Veeee”) fit add to their life when compared to a long-term, financial investment. His raw and genuine words come from a place of true care and concern for how the youth think and act. Although this track’s musical arrangement is quite upbeat, it sends a serious message for those listening on the other end; the message is: do you want instant gratification or long-term happiness, satisfaction, and glory? Yaksta hopes and in fact encourages listeners to want the latter.

A track he hopes will help shift his fans’ focus, “Ambition” is a “movement in a bright direction.” Being raised by a single mother in an area categorized by many as a “ghetto,” life for Yaksta has never come easy. However, rather than succumbing to a life of violence and crime, Yaksta turned to music. This is why every lyric he writes and every song he produces has passion, love, and of course his life’s experience behind it.

Yaksta’s music is unique and will continue to be so. “Ambition” amongst many of his upcoming tracks hope to “create a major shift in consciousness with music that creates unity and inspires all.”