Yoke Lore in Nashville at Mercy Lounge

Written By | Elisabeth Donaldson

In this digital age where your lost or found with the flick of a thumb and people experience life through their phones more than their eyes- this sweet voiced human comes to the stage in a simple sweatshirt and gives you his whole freaking heart from the very beginning until the very end.  “I always think that a sweatshirt is going to be a good idea…” he says mid way through the show as he takes it off- overheated.  When he plays there are times that he dances and jumps in this way that feels elevated, passionate… spiritual.

He has this capacity to be open, joyful, honest, giving and it’s contagious. I stayed after the show and watched him take on an almost hour long line of fans waiting to talk to him – and he gave each and every one of them full love, full attention and the kind of hug that you give to your best friend after you haven’t seen them in a year.  “Next time don’t just tell someone you love them… tell them what temperature they make you feel, tell them what color of love they are…” he says- before launching into a beautiful performance of the song Beige; and for a moment- we can all just put our phones down and remember how good it feels to just love with no restrictions the way Yoke Lore loves us.

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