Young Dolph and Snoop Dogg Link Up For Harlem Nights Inspired Video

Young Dolph – “I Think I Can Fly” ft. Snoop Dogg

A lover of the finer things in life, Young Dolph is an icon of underground opulence. Taking a trip back in time to the sounds and fashion of the 1930s, Dolph shares I Think I Can Fly,” his latest video, inspired by the ’30s-set comedy film Harlem Nights (1989), starring Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor, in which an owner of an illegal gambling house deals with gangsters and corrupt cops to keep his den in business. Like Eddie Murphy in Harlem Nights, Dolph runs an independent business in a world of cutthroats, trying to forge the most lucrative path for him and his family.

Directed by Gabriel Hart, “I Think I Can Fly” goes all in on the Harlem Nights homage, perfectly reproduces the look, feel, and wardrobe of the era and the film. Featuring an appearance from Snoop Dogg, who drops some weeded-out bars in his signature slang, the “I Think I Can Fly” video is a feast for the eyes, complete with period-accurate costumes, instruments, sets, and weapons. With spinning roulette wheels, acrobats in sparkling skin-suits, and comedic interludes , “I Think I Can Fly” is among the most extravagant and creative videos released in 2019. The Budda Bless-produced trap stoner’s anthem is a highlight from Role Model, Dolph’s 2018 album.


Says Young Dolph, who wrote the treatment for the video himself: “I wanted to do something epic and have fun with it but I also love anything that has to do with wardrobes, so getting everyone dressed up in Harlem Nights-era costumes was big to me. I chose to base the video on Harlem Nights because it’s a great movie – Eddie Murphy is one of my favorite actors – and I was in the zone of watching a whole lot of movies that black & white movie era and wanted to write a treatment in that same lane. Shout out to Snoop, we always have a good time when we hang. We smoked a lot of weed and I let him know the effect he’s had on my career and he shared a lot of game with me.”

Peaking at #15 on the Billboard 200, Role Model provides a new context for Dolph’s braggadocio and sets an example for rising independent rappers and anyone else trying to get out the mud. Role Model finds Dolph leveling up, experimenting with new flows and raising his boastful bars to a superhuman level. Featuring appearances from Snoop Dogg, Offset, Key Glock, Kash Doll, and Dolph’s mother on the moving intro track Black Queen,”  Role Model is Dolph’s origin story, establishing him as a symbol of hope to kids in the hood who desperately want to improve their lives. Paying respect to his legion of fans, Dolph recently announced the winner for the #ThatsMajorChallenge, inspired by his video for “Major,” featuring Key Glock, offering the choice between $30k cash or a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat to the maker of the best user-generated content for the song. Earlier this month, Dolph teamed up with Memphis icons Juicy J and Project Pat for the “By Mistake” (Remix). Stay tuned for much more from Young Dolph in 2019.

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