Young Dolph & Key Glock Drop Dum & Dummer, a 22-Track Collaborative Project, Available Everywhere via Paper Route EMPIRE

The Two Independent Superstars Head to the Hollywood Hills in the Video for “Ill,” a Highlight from the Project

Staying several steps ahead of the competition with sharp business acumen and an unshakeable force of will, Young Dolph and Key Glock rose to prominence in defiance of the traditional label structure. Joining forces for their first full-length collaborative project, Dolph and Glock share Dum & Dummer. Swapping bars atop state-of-the-art trap production from Bandplay, the two emcees have an infectious chemistry and a playful rivalry, creating a tangible electricity that powers the project. Comprised of 11 tag-team tracks and several solo showcases for each emcee, including Dolph’s recent street hit Crashin’ Out,Dum & Dummer releases via Paper Route EMPIRE.

Along with Dum & Dummer, Young Dolph and Key Glock share Ill, a video for the album’s opening track. Trading forceful flexes over dramatic piano and crisp handclaps, Dolph and Glock demonstrate their rhyming prowess with emphatic and declarative bars: “I’m so cold I have your nose runnin’,” quips Glock. In the video, Dolph and Glock shine from head-to-toe in a Hollywood mansion, as the camera follows their every move with an ambitious tracking shot that encompasses the entire first half of the video. The follow-up to last week’s video for “Baby Joker” (5.8 million views), “Ill” earned more than 1 million views in its first 24 hours of release.

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