Releases New Video “Loose Screws” With YungLiV

With a fistful of records to his name, including this year’s “OMG,” “Paralyzed,” and “Popstar,” YSB Tril (LISTEN TO THE KIDS/Geffen Records) delivers fans a new project in STARSTRUCK 2. Tril’s uncanny ability to pen sticky records along with his emotional range makes his latest effort a brilliant attempt at stardom. His standout record “Loose Screw” with YungLiV is a booming track, which is supported by an equally potent video and is one of the many highlights from STARSTRUCK 2. Watch HERE.

Earlier this year, Tril delivered his song “Paralyzed.” Directed by Nicholas Jandora, a somber YSB Tril sits alone in an empty movie theater and sulks after being scarred from a previous heartbreak. With his mind swirling like a monsoon, a frazzled Tril struggles coming to grips with his loss while trapped inside the venue. He receives a noteworthy assist by midwxst, who helps Tril power through the dismal record with melodic precision.

He then promptly returned with his bubbly song “Popstar.” With high hopes of chart domination, YSB Tril flashes moments of steely bravado singing likes like, “lately I been stacking cash too tall” and “I know I make it hard to compete with.”

In June, Tril released his debut mixtape, HOTSHOT, promising critical acclaim. Rap Up observed that “YSB Tril scores with his new mixtape, while Respect magazine declared, “His road to success will come sooner rather than later.” Lyrical Lemonade, too, praised him for possessing a “natural and effortless flow you cannot teach.”

Also, last year, Tril has garnered success with his previously released singles “AIN’T THE SAME” and “TOUCHDOWN” featuring Bankrol Hayden. The former found a new audience after the NBA and Toronto Raptors used it before tip-off during the regular season. His song “Count Me In” was featured on Madden’s popular football video game franchise.

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STARSTRUCK 2 Tracklist

1. Turn Me Down

2. Brand New (feat. Kill Jasper)

3. Drunk Calls

4. OMG

5. Loose Screws (feat. YungLiV)

6. Popstar

7. Paralyzed (feat. midwxst)

8. A Lot


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