“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”

Yugen Blakrok presents music video for new single ‘Pedestal’

Concepts. Idols. Civilizations.
We build and we destroy.
Pedestal is about building oneself and breaking the mould.
Growing, expanding and still remaining true to the spark.
Yugen Blakrok

The pedestal is a physical framework for the senses.
Civilization after civilization, it carries the weight of great symbols and the
foundation of cultural and social edifices.
A conquering ascent to glory.

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« Every pedestal crumbles and decays like all matter does
When expectation is a prison with nowhere to run
I refuse to be fettered up, cold as a hired gun
Blaze in the morning like a rising sun
Whether or not i fit the existing image it’s all nines and sixes
Who defines your blueprint of what success is? »

In this new single, Yugen breaks the foundations of the mind, to enter a
new dimension: her own. Welcome to the quest of the self.

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