Yuno in Atlanta at The Masquerade

Written By | Rita Harper

Florida eclectic singer/songwriter Yuno performed in an intimate showcase on February 18th, 2019. The show was held at Masquerade Purgatory which is a concert venue located in Historic Underground Atlanta.

Inside the venue, drum sets and guitars serve as decoration to the stage as soft lavender neon lights cascade down from above. Old school blues music is played over speakers as guests are filling inside, creating a calming atmosphere.

Photo By | Rita Harper

As time passes, a beautiful woman gracefully walks onto the stage with her guitar. Her name is Hanna Wilde from Decatur, Georgia and this soulful songstress was the amazing opener of the night.

Hanna introduces herself to the crowd and gives insight to the meaning of her music.

Photo By | Rita Harper

Her music is soulful and heartfelt, and her powerful voice matches perfectly with her acoustic guitar strumming. She performs an array of songs that tell stories of pain ending romance such as, “Please Don’t Miss Me”, and a personal ballad that describes grieving over close lost ones. Hanna was able to make a personal connection with the audience as every watched in awe of her soul bearing lyrics that touched the soul. As she makes her exit she lets everyone know she is very personable and welcomes guests to come chat with her after the show.

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A brief intermission takes place while more funk, rnb, and blues are played to fill the time.

Photo By | Rita Harper

Yuno, along with very talented bandmates make their appearance, quickly tune instruments, and immediately begin jamming out. His music could be described as a mesh between eclectic rnb, and surf pop, a combination of sonic perfection.

Sporting a pink denim jacket, his light, fun loving spirit can felt as he performs. He goes into songs that he is most known for such as, “Make You Fall In Love”, and “No Going Back”. Obvious fan favorites, these melodic tunes have everyone in the room jamming along to every word.

Yuno brings a light hearted, fun moment performing nostalgic classics such as Smash Mouths “Rockstar”, along with a song from the animated child movie “Shrek”. After this jovial moment, Yuno performed a few more melodically enchanting songs and exited the stage.

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