Zara Larsson With Tishmal at The Depot in Salt Lake City

Written By | Vanessa Holt

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Zara Larsson took the stage at Salt Lake City, Utah at The Depot for her first ever time, besides the fact it was her first time here. She is currently on her first time ever headlining. 

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Tishmal a pop artist from New York opened for Larsson. Tishmal’s set was your typical thirty-minute-long, except it didn’t seem that way, with her enchanting voice that captured everyone’s attention in the audience, it seemed like she was performing for hours, only in a good way. Without a doubt everyone left the show that night with a new favorite artist in mind, and Tishmal deserves more recognition than she’s getting.

Larsson played a seventeen song setlist filled with her famous singles from Symphony which she collaborated with Clean Bandit as well as All the Time and Lush Life. After seeing Larsson perform and taking count of how many people were in the audience that night, the Swedish songwriter is definitely underrated for how far she’s come. Thankfully people in the audience knew more than just her eight popular singles that are on constant replay on local radio stations.

Larsson puts on such an amazing performance that she deserves more headlining tours and selling out in cities. From her amazing vocals that were definitely able to reach all the high notes, those weren’t just reserved for the studio version. To the amazing dance moves from Larsson herself and her back-up dancers, and her backup band. Larsson deserves more credit than she is given. So, if you haven’t yet, definitely head over to your local streaming serviced to stream some of her songs, more than just her singles though because for sure there are some of her original songs that are far more better than the singles, although the singles will forever stay absolute bangers.  


Photo Credit: Vanessa Holt

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