Amber Mark in Amsterdam at Bitter Zoet

Written By | Agnieszka Świderska

On the evening of July 2, Amber Mark transformed Bitterzoet club in Amsterdam into the kingdom of R&B music. Unfortunately, not everyone could enter the realm of music. People who delayed the purchase of a ticket were greeted by an inscription displayed on the club window saying: “Sold out, sorry”.


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Bitterzoet is a club but also a stage. The club is located in the center of Amsterdam, near the Central Station. It is not a big place to performance, yet has a soul. Specific stained glass windows, a balcony located along the stage and a bar, makes the place unique. So let’s begin! Waiting for the Star of the evening seemed long and unbearable. Many people, little space, stuffiness. For me the minutes were endless. Finally, after about 30 minutes, the musicians came out on stage, and soon after them Amber Mark!

The 25-year-old New York-based singer and producer who is imbued with sounds from around the world. Probably, her luxuriant, exuberant R&B is often impregnated with flourishes from a childhood spent traveling with her mom. This evening she looked very stylish. She was wearing a denim jacket, a black body and shirt, and white sneakers. Amber started her performance with the song “ Conexao” from Conexao – EP album. The next song that moved the hearts of listeners was “Space” from debut album “3.33am”.

The track opens with Amber Mark’s majestic vocals. Her harrowing melodies are combined extremely well with other instruments, creating a masterpiece. It is the type of thick vibrant audio your ears just love to absorb. In the middle of the concert, Amber sang a new single called “Mixer”. The piece touched the audience and the whole hall began to move rhythmically into the act of music. Amber ended her performance with the song “Way Back” and the whole room sang with her.

Privately, I’ m not a big fan of R&B music, but I think that for such a good voice it is sometimes worth to leave your favorite musical patterns and try new musical impression. The music moved me, especially with the Mixer song, although I take photos at the concert, I inadvertently wanted to dance. However, my favorite song,was “Space”. Her voice pierced me completely.

Observing the audience, I think that the concert was very successful, despite the fact that the artist forgot the text twice. The fans were very kind, and I felt that they supported the artist, when sometimes the performance wasn’t perfect. The audience danced, sang, clapped. You could see that there was good energy between the artist and the fans.

Photo Credit: Agnieszka Świderska

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