BLACKPINK Successfully Shuts Down Atlanta With An Unforgettable Performance

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Written By | Solita Delacruz

Even though Atlanta was just the tour’s second destination, the impact of BLACKPINK—comprised of Lisa, Rosé, Jisoo, and Jennie—was evident long before fans arrived at the State Farm Arena. Fans came decked out in their finest attire, and merch queues wrapped around the halls as they entered the stadium. Then, while they waited for the event to start, the audience was treated to an endless cycle of BLACKPINK music videos, which were received with the same enthusiasm as if the band was performing live.

As 8:00 p.m. rolled around, the big screens on set opened to display the girls performing on a platform stage. They started the show with their iconic hit “How You Like That,” adorned in their pink tour attire. As soon as the group of backup dancers dropped onto the stage, they started doing an upbeat choreography which launched the audience to applaud and jump in their seats.

BLACKPINK’s production matched the ferocity of their renowned electropop smash hits. Intricate choreography, a dance chorus, and an entire band—whom the girls acknowledged by name halfway through the set—made up the spectacle.

Lightsticks in the shape of hearts illuminated the sea of the crowd, and pumped them to the tunes of “Kill This Love” and “Pink Venom,” giving the stadium a rosy halo. A night full of confetti cannons and other pyrotechnics only enhanced the show’s exciting ambiance.

Each member was allowed to play a solo throughout the concert. Jisoo nailed a rendition of Camila Cabello’s “Liar,” and Jennie debuted her unreleased tune “You and Me (Moonlight). Rosé’s powerful vocals on “Hard to Love” and “On the Ground” and Lisa’s impressive rap and dance background, emphasized by a show-stopping pole performance, in her singles “LALISA” and “MONEY,” all of which evolved over the last couple years, were the standouts. The girls reunited to applaud one another after their performances, with BLINKs roaring in support. That much anticipation served as a driving force since BLACKPINK crushed their performances.

As the song “Typa Girl” blasted its intense beats and hip-hop style, the crowd danced to the choreography, taking it all in. Thanking their fans, Lisa, Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo closed their main set with “Forever Young,” a song that propelled them into the spotlight in 2018.

Having kept the crowd on the edge of their seats as they chanted “BLACKPINK,” the band members returned to the stage, this time wearing more casual clothes and showcasing their tour merch tees and hoodies.

The girls walked around the catwalk and stages to engage with BLINKs throughout their encore performances of “Stay” and “Yeah Yeah Yeah.” The encore had a lighthearted and unrehearsed atmosphere, which made for a very unforgettable sight. Before concluding the show with “As if It’s Your Last,” everyone, from fans to stagehands, had a blast dancing to BLACKPINK’s set. As a unit, they accomplished a lot, and as individuals, they each had unique qualities that made them stand out. As impressive as the performance was, we want to know what more this group has in store for us next.


Solita Delacruz