Dead Kennedys at the Melkweg in Amsterdam

Written By | Agnieszka Świderska

On Saturday night, Amsterdam got into the kingdom of punk. The famous American band Dead Kennedys ruled the musical heart of the capital of the Netherlands. The doors were open at 19:30 but fans had to be patient and wait for the idol until 21:00. Fortunately, this waiting wasn’t so painful, because of the stage warmed by great support

Let the show begin! Concert hall almost full. Fans prepared to show support and worthily
welcome the band, almost everyone was wearing a proudly T-shirt with the symbol “Dead Kennedys”. The smell of alcohol, sweat, testosterone float on the air.

21:00 on the watches, in the room you could feel impatience and excitement of the
audience. The tension was rising. Around 21:20 the band showed up and a wave of
applause welcomed the star of the night. East Bay Ray (guitar), Klaus Flouride ( bass,
vocals), D. H. Peligro (drums), Ron “Skip” Greer (vocal) held the stage.

Besides the average age of the musicians (60 years old), you could see that the punk spirit
will never die. The sounds from the instruments and vocal stitches through your body, you couldn’t be bored. Power, energy reflection for every musician on the stage, especially from Skip who warmed the audience to the rood. He was running on the stage, singing and screaming. The public got crazy, literally. First, it started with a small mosh pit, which after few songs was growing up. After some time, the audience was starting to throw cups into the stage. Some people climbed onto the stage and jumped into the crowd, and quite interrupted the show. For me this behavior was disrespectful. I couldn’t stop thinking where is the security, because these people were out of control, and a grimace on Skip’s face showed that he was very surprised and disappointed. Instead of showing emotions in this situation, Ron kept calm. I admired him for that.

I don’t know Ron’s stage face is real or he used this character into a concert, but I love it.
Skip during the show was sarcastic, provoked fans, you couldn’t predict what he will say
during the break between songs. He brought in this evening humorous addition, with the
whole band they played “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Shake it off”. It was fun.

Beside unpredictable public behavior, I think that the performance was very successful. The concert hall was almost full, people were singing the songs. The group didn’t forget about the fans and played “California Über Everything”, “Holiday In Cambodia”, “Too Drunk Too F * ck”. Everyone felt happy, and after this concert, everyone was sure that the Punk spirit is still alive.

Photo Credit: Agnieszka Świderska

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