Great Good Fine Ok in Atlanta at The Masquerade

Written By | Andre Buchanan


On June 20th Great Good Fine Ok performed at the Masquerade! I’ve wanted to see Great Good Fine Ok for quite some time now, and I was very excited to know that they brought Vesperteen with them! I’ve heard that both of these bands put on a great show so I couldn’t wait to see if the hype was real!

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Opening up for Great Good Fine Ok, was of course Vesperteen. The band already started getting the crowd excited before they even came on stage. As their opening song begins their drum set lit up every time a beat dropped in the song! That being the only lights coming from the stage at the time while the whole room was dark, already had everyone in the crowd know that this performance will be awesome. Before you knew it, Vesperteen cane out to the stage.

The band started off with their song ‘It Will Never Be Enough’ of their album ‘The Hype Is Dead’ which came out in 2018. If I could describe Vesperteen’s performance in one word, I would say that they are explosive! They performed with so much energy along while remaining very cool! They had the crowd bouncing as if they were already listening to the the headliners. Although Vesperteen’s album is called ‘The Hype Is Dead’ their stage presence is definitely not.

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After Vesperteen finished blessing the stage, It was time for Great Good Fine Ok to give the crowd what they were waiting for. As the everybody waited patiently for the stage guys to get everything prepared Great Good Fine Ok, there were flashing LED rings being handed out. Once again, the mood was set for the crowd before the band came out.

When Great Good Fine Ok came out, the crowd went crazy. They opened with ‘Easy’ and ‘Hoding You’ and also played their latest released song ‘Gone’. The vocalist, John Sandler, has the purist voice as he can hit those falsetto notes that will give you chills. Luke Moellman is a wizard on the production as he can play a number of instruments, swapping them during the show!

Carey Clayton was on the guitar and was just as smooth as can be! And lastly but least Danny Wolf rocked the house on the drums! With all this talent in one band, you better expect to have a night to remember. I look forward to hearing more music from both Vesperteen and Great Good Fine Ok in the future.

Photos By | Andre Buchanan

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