HOT BREATH release “Bad Feeling” video

Hot Breath shares a music video for their latest single “Bad Feeling”, released November 20 on The Sign Records. The band entered the scene in 2018 with members from Honeymoon Disease, Hypnos and Grand. They wanted to mix their various pasts into one vibrating sound. With a common ground of heavy rock Hot Breath quickly took shape and turned into a wicked animal set to twist your hips.

Hear “Bad Feeling” HERE:

Hot Breath’s debut s/t EP came out a year later. With a sound rooted in the fierce rock scene of 60’s Detroit and 70’s London, performed with pure lust and pulsating live energy, the band hit the spot in the garage rock scene. When singel/guitarist Jennifer Israelsson received the 2020 years memorial Stämskruven (an award dedicated to the memory of Robert “Strängen” Dahlqvist -The Hellacopters, Dundertåget, Thunder Express) the band got another upswing, securing their position as a Swedish rock band on the rise.

Keeping the ball rolling Hot Breath soon returned to the studio to record more material. With their minds firmly set on releasing nothing but killers the band pushed themselves into perfecting the sound that they presented on 2019’s ”Hot Breath” EP. With a foundation built on dirty riffing, memorable hooks and a no-nonsense attitude the band recorded a new set of tracks. One of these tracks is called ”Bad Feeling” and is released digitally November 20 on The Sign Records.


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