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IMPRINT Interview | Boobie From The Block

Here at IMPRINT, we have been following the success of Irvington, New Jersey rapper and social media sensation Fatboy SSE, who recently released his 8-track EP Boobie From the Block, on November 16thWith strong features from artists like YFN LucciLil Yachty, and Jadakiss, he holds his own on this tape and proves that he is not just a social media personality, but a unique rapper with eminent melodies and excellent lyrics about his come-up in the game, his lavish-like lifestyle, and growing up in the streets of Irvington. When IMPRINT Entertainment was given the opportunity for an interview with Fatboy SSE, it was an opportunity we couldn’t refuse. We were exciting to get to know more about him and his experience within his life of fame.

Talking to Fatboy SSE was pretty interesting and entertaining; he was very laid-back, his energy was quite positive yet unique for this type of interview, and I had some laughs for the interesting things he says.

Finding out on why the tape was called Boobie From the BlockFatboy SSE mentions that the inspiration comes from his experience being famous and being wrapped up in the success he received from his platform. The entire purpose for the EP was to bring back the essence of his roots in his hood, in Irvington, New Jersey.  Being named Boobie in the hood, Fatboy made sure that this provides a feel for the streets since he was distant from where he grew up when he was famous, he decides to bring his experience growing up and tap back into his hometown, and communicate with the people he knew and showed love. 

His background in music started when he was 15 years old, and he states that his good personality and his love for his friends and family always led to make his background more stronger and more loved from both a fan and personal experience. Using personal experiences that he dealt with in his life, he explains that he was never inspired by anyone, in terms of music. Fatboy mentions that he looks at the blueprint of making money (i.e., securing/getting the bag) by doing things that will make him famous, such as rapping, doing social media antics, and so forth. Although he is not inspired by anyone, he is inspired by them in the sense of making money. 

Upon finding out how he got a good amount of big-named artists on his EP, Fatboy SSE explains that most of his relations for the tape are from mutual friendships and he expresses it through a variety of ways, by how he wore his YFN chain during the phone interview as a way to express his relationship with YFN Lucci to how he got Dreamchasers and Meek Mill-affiliate producer Nick Papz to produce it and the connection seemed to work out for the ‘Cranberry Fountain’ collaboration. Another interesting story from his features was that Lil Yachty asked him to be on the ‘Found Myself’ record, in which he dropped it as a single, but then put it on the EP for more listeners to find out about the song. By sharing a great brotherhood for both Lil Yachty and himself, Fatboy also mentions that they both show love for one another and have previously worked on a music video for ‘Found Myself’. Although he did not like the video for the song, he decides to remove that one in order to great a better, anticipating, and enjoyable video. 

We also spoke to Fatboy SSE about his accomplishments and challenges since breaking into the industry. He mentions that his role in the new Master P movie, ‘I Got the Hook-Up 2’, as well as purchasing lavish vehicles for his mother and girlfriend, and his own home were accomplishments that he had expected. What was also interesting was when he mentioned about wealth management and learning about credit and interest made him more mature, since he felt that those were important priorities to focus on in the future, and that he wants to build his life for the long-term, in order to have a better future. Although he doesn’t consider it a challenge, he felt that having haters and people that are close around him, who doesn’t take him serious was an issue that he had to manage on his own, and he explains that he has ways to maneuver through those situations. 

Speaking about the project more, he explains that the ‘Cranberry Fountain’ track with Jadakiss and the Street’ track with Bronx rapper Lil TJay were his favorite songs on the project. He also mentions that he wanted the project to be feature-friendly and as a way to network with a lot of people in the music industry. Digging down into how each song was unique, Fatboy mentions that the ‘Eat’ track with New Jersey rapper Cruch Calhoun was made three years ago, and was just left there until he realized that he had to release it soon, and he decided to put that on his project. Even though the EP was released, Fatboy SSE has a lot of new music coming up for his fans and any interested listener. He will be releasing a big single in January with Compton’s Roddy Rich and Chicago’s G Herbo. He also has another song called Money Ain’t a Thing with Pontiac, MI-based rapper and YouTube personality DDG. For that specific song, keep on the lookout for a Chris Brown feature, which may happen soon. 

Finally, we spoke with Fatboy SSE about which New Jersey rappers that he would recommend to us, and mentions Larssen and Dougie F as good examples. He also wants to collaborate with Marshmello, in order to experiment within cross genres. Asking Fatboy for any final thoughts for his fans before our conversation ended and he quoted,

“Yes. I love the people and the youth. I want to make sure they are straight.”



Fatboy SSE Interview: 

IMPRINT (Josh): Hey Fatboy, how are you? 

Fatboy SSE: Yo I’m good, what’s up? 

IMPRINT (Josh): I’m doing alright! Thank you for having us and we’re pleasured to do this interview 

Fatboy SSE: Pleasure to be here bro, thank you 

IMPRINT (Josh): Just wondering, the new mixtape is called Boobie from the Block. What was the whole purpose of this mixtape and what inspired you to create this project? 

Fatboy SSE: Basically what it inspired me to do is like, you know like, cuz I was so wrapped up in, being like, I don’t care about being famous but I’m so wrapped up in gaining the success, I didn’t forget who I was but I was just trying to, you know what I’m saying, just go back to the essence of the meech of where I’m from, cuz you know what I’m saying. In the hood, they call me Boobie, that’s my name, you know what I’m saying; I’m just trying to go back, to get that feel, you know that streets feel, because I was so distant from where I was from, you know what I’m saying, Irvington, New Jersey. I was like, distant, you feel me, so I did that and just get back on my roots and tap back in, and just people [know what’s] going on, get the feel back, you know what I’m saying, just show people [love], well I always show people love, but more, you know what I’m saying. 

IMPRINT (Josh): Yeah I feel you man; I actually never thought your nickname was Boobie, everyone always called you Fatboy and all that, which was kind of how you started off but it was kind of interesting to know that.

Fatboy SSE: Appreciate you! 

IMPRINT (Josh): What was your background in music, and what inspired you to work on rap more, besides the social media antics? 

Fatboy SSE: Uhm, basically, what it was, you know what I’m saying, like, I always been like, had a good personality type shit, I’ve been doing music since I was 15, I’m 25 now. My birthday was actually two days ago, I mean a few days ago, so say happy birthday to me, man.  

IMPRINT (Josh): Yeah, happy belated birthday man. Hope all is well! 

Fatboy SSE: Thank you, Thank you! But yeah, I always did music since I was 15, that was my first thing; and then you know, I’ve always been a good nigga, like I mean a good personality, like, everyone always loved ,me, you know what I’m saying. I always popped up where I’m from, so it wasn’t nothing. 

IMPRINT (Josh): It’s cool, It’s cool man! Hopefully with the music, it transcribes a lot, just with the sound and everything that you come up, with. It is interesting as well, which lead me to another question; where do you get your inspiration from? Are there any rappers or certain genres that you were inspired by, while creating the tape? 

Fatboy SSE: I don’t look up to no rappers, I don’t get my thing from no rappers. I just follow like the blueprint and get money. I just follow the blueprint and like the ledger, you know what I’m saying, I don’t really look up to nobody. Like, they inspire me to get money but I don’t really look up to nobody, and none like that. I’m just, you know, I like the blueprint, of how to do it, of how to get the bag, you know I’m saying. 

IMPRINT (Josh): Yeah I feel you, you know it’s always important to secure the bag. You know, just being being an independent person, you know just following what your own path is. It is interesting and it is a way to get the strong from the weak, in some cases and that’s what creates a following instead of being a follower, so yeah. 

Fatboy SSE: Yes, for real! 

IMPRINT (Josh): Yeah man, so knowing from this project, you had big name artists like Jadakiss, YFN Lucci, [Lil] Yachty on your tape. How did you manage to get them on your tape? 

Fatboy SSE: Basically, Jadakiss, that’s big bro, you know what I’m saying, Jadakiss big bro, that was nothing, you know what I’m saying, like. We just put that together, easy, like; and I got my boy, Nick Papz, who produced it, you feel me. That’s Meek, that’s Dreamchasers producer. But Nick Papz my guy, you know what I’m saying. Meek Mill, that’s my dog, you feel me. Lucci, that’s my brother you feel me, that’s my brother. You know I got my YFN chain, you feel me. That’s family right there. And then Lil Yachty, that’s my brother, man, that’s my brother too and shit, and he family, like we’re together all the time too and shit. He show me love, I show him love, all the time, and we just cooked up. Actually, he asked me to be on the record, Found Myself, he asked me to hop on the record, you feel me. 

IMPRINT (Josh): Yeah I feel you! 

Fatboy SSE: So I ain’t really, I asked him, like yo who hopped on this record, I need a verse. He asked me, like yo, what’s up, like I’m trying to, that shit hot, you know what I’m saying, dropped a whole verse, I was like, aight cool, you know what I’m saying. Then he sent me the verse and we went up ever since. Cuz first I dropped it as a single, but then I dropped it on the tape, cuz I’m like, I want more ears to hear it again. I had the video, but I don’t really like that video I got, you know what I’m saying, Imma scratch that video! Imma do a whole other video! Imma put my whole bread up! 

IMPRINT (Josh): Yeah I feel you man it is interesting. And with the tape right now and 2018 coming to an end so far, what was your biggest accomplishment so far since breaking into the industry? 

Fatboy SSE: Doing my first movie with Master P! 

IMPRINT (Josh): Oh nice, nice! 

Fatboy SSE:  Yeah, buying my first car, and buying my mother a car, I bought my bitch a car, too. And then, I bought my crib and then; yeah man, we did a lot of accomplishments that I never did before that I did, you know what I’m saying, like learning about credit, wealth management. Clearing my money up to share places while my money builds interest, you know like build my mind into a man, no little kid shit or little boy shit, like building my shit as a man and getting my priorities straight. That’s my biggest like, thing that I accomplished like, there’s no one that is willing to accept out here and asking for the ground more. It’s not about what I’m doing right here or how hot I am, it’s about the future and building up a long-term, so that’s what I’m trying to do, building up a long term, which is now, and I gotta lose 50 pounds by like, February cuz. 

Josh: Congratulations. Doing a lot for, anyone around your circle is a great way to build your future and I’m happy that you’re dedicate to it. 

Fatboy SSE: I appreciate you! 

IMPRINT (Josh): Yeah! So I’m just wondering, what would be your biggest challenge so far and how did you manage to overcome it? 

Fatboy SSE: My biggest challenge so far, it ain’t really no challenge but you know when you got haters and shit, you feel me. Like, you gotta know how to maneuver and know how to just get around them, and you don’t see them because you don’t want them to affect your grind because them niggas said. That’s like going to a basketball game, and you—; that’s like Lebron going to a basketball game, right. And Lebron got all the fans in the stands right, and they call him a bitch, everything! They call him everything in the world! You can’t react because you gone lose millions of dollars. I’m not bout to react because you called me fat or you said I can’t rap, or you said so much. So actually, I’m not bout to react to it, Imma just leave it, I don’t give a fuck what you said. You could say what you want as long as my baby count good, as long as my mother’s straight, as long as my family’s straight. I’m straight, you know what I’m saying. You on the fence unless you put your hands on me or none like that, because we do get it in, you know what I’m saying. 

IMPRINT (Josh): Yeah I feel you, man! 

Fatboy SSE: That’s my biggest challenge, just the haters, but it ain’t no challenge. Like I said, it ain’t no challenge. And then I got people, you know what I’m saying, I feel that’s close to me that be just, on some, like I’m some bullshit, like I’m really not working. I can’t put, like, I can’t make you wanna promise, I can’t you force you to do that you don’t wanna do. Like, that’s my biggest challenge, though. 

IMPRNT (Josh): Yeah, yeah! Nah, it’s all good man, you’re unfazed with it, you’re ending out 2018 on a good note, so hopefully it will all lead to success in the future.

Fatboy SSE: Hell yeah! 

IMPRINT (Josh): I’m just wondering what would be your favorite songs on the project so far? 

Fatboy SSE: Yeah, my favorite song on there right now, to me, I like Cranberry Fountain with Jadakiss. I like the Street record with Lil TJay! I like that record too because I put that record together, like, you know what I’m saying, like. All the records I did, I produced, like I produced them and put them together, you feel me. I did it, I did that, I formed it the way, well, I had help with my team.  I want to form it and people will say like, yo, you got a lot of features on it, it’s a certain way that I did, you know what I’m saying. I didn’t want it to be just me, I wanted to show you like, you know what I’m saying, that I’m linking up with many people, networking, you know what I’m saying. You heard my stuff, so you know I want to put my shit together. 

IMPRINT (Josh): Yeah I feel you, was there any interesting stories since you created the tape?  Any song, did it lead to a certain story that you did during studio time?  

Fatboy SSE: Yeah it was like, the song Found Myself, it was a story about the song Found Myself. Like, I had shot the video with Lil Yachty! I shot the video, but I ain’t really like it though. You know what I’m saying, my man shot it but I didn’t like it, I just deaded it, I ain’t want it, I ain’t like that. Then I had my mother on it, too. I had my mother on there talking some shit when I was young. What we talked about when I was young and shit. And that yeah, was about it; but then yeah, I had to do that record Eat. I’ll put you on my brother, Cruch Calhoun, you know. I had that record up there, though I did that record three years ago.  

IMPRINT (Josh): Oh true, it’s interesting. I never really realized it, but it sounds… 

Fatboy SSE: If you listen to Eat, I did that record three years ago, I just never released it. I just kept sitting on it. Now, I just released it! 

IMPRINT (Josh): It’s an interesting story! But even with it released now it kinda follows up with the same sounds as the other songs on the tape. It’s interesting! 

Fatboy SSE: Mhmm, yeah, yeah! I appreciate you, bro! 

IMPRINT (Josh): Yeah man! In the future, do you know any artists or rappers you want to work with someday? 

Fatboy SSE: Yeah I got a big single coming out with Roddy Rich and my man, G Herbo. 

IMPRINT (Josh): Oh nice, nah! I’ll definitely check that out, once it’s released. 

Fatboy SSE: Yeah I’m dropping that, at the top of the year, I’m dropping that in January. 

IMPRINT (Josh): True, True 

Fatboy SSE: I’m dropping that in January and I got a song with DDG, it’s called Money Ain’t a Thing. I’m about to drop that, you know what I’m saying. I’m about to get Chris Brown on the record. I’m about to just go up, I’ve been going crazy! 

IMPRINT (Josh): Yeah  

Fatboy SSE: I’m going crazy, man! 

IMPRINT (Josh): Yeah I feel you! 

Fatboy SSE: I’m about to go nuts, like I dropped. Well I dropped already, but I’m about to go nuts. Like with the single, I’m about to go crazy. 

IMPRINT/Josh: Being from New Jersey, are there any artists from Jersey that you would recommend for us to listen to someday? 

Fatboy SSE: Yeah. My brother Larssen and Dougie F.     

IMPRINT (Josh): In the future, would you ever want to experiment with different sounds and genres?  

Fatboy SSE: Eventually. I want to work with Marshmello   

IMPRINT (Josh): Is there anything else you would like to tell the people about yourself? 

Fatboy SSE: Yes. I love the people and the youth. I want to make sure they are straight. 


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