Interview with Afrobeat Prince Kelvyn Boy

Written By | Agustina Subira

Kelvyn Brown, known as Kelvyn Boy, is a 30 year-old afrobeat singer, originally from the central region of Ghana, Assin Fosu. With more than 180 thousand monthly listeners on Spotifity this rising promise told Imprint Entertainment about his first contact with music, watching his father sung at church as well as the surreal experience of sharing stage with legends such as Ziggy Marley and Busy Signal, among others.

The award winning artist (VGMA 2018 “Unsung Artist of the Year”), described this event as a “huge experience, because it was the first time seeing all of these people like perform live in front of me” and added that “meeting them on the same stage and performing with them, watching them perform, their own songs like live, I think it was a blessing”.

He also revealed that Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars and Bob Marley among other Ghanaian artists were the musicians that influenced him as a child. All of them were heard by his dad at home, as a strict house he was allowed to hear what it was heard by his parents there.

The Ghanaian musician has performed in many locations around the globe: Jamaica, Australia, Belgium and Europe were some of the lucky places that witnessed his talent. Kelvyn Boy assured us that “afrobeat is here to stay” and that his main aim it to spread African music worldwide.

He defined Blackstar, his latest released album, as “the first full afrobeat album released by a Ghanaian artist”. And disclosed the inspiration behind it: everything around that was happening back then, at the moment of its release. Regards its purpose, he told us that the African essence can be sense in every beat, instrumental and mixing of the tracks, and that he wanted his listeners to hear Africa behind all the songs.

Besides, as many artists have featured the album the afrobeater said that even though the recording process took time, as some songs had been recorded long time before and some of the artists were not even in the same country, the fact that they were all their people, with the right vibes, allowed them to manage to get everyone into the right song and the final result was perfect.

His message for the dream chasers that are pursuing their careers is: focus is the key, focus on what you’re doing, keep making and creating music, beyond the ups and downs.

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