Papadosio in Atlanta at The Coca-Cola Roxy

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Written By | Andre Buchanan

The Coca-Cola Roxy. A staple for music concerts here in Atlanta. It’s one of the biggest music venues in Atlanta and has housed many legendary artists like Aretha Franklin and Bob Dylan. The Coca-Cola Roxy has been looking a little different since the pandemic. Usually during a live show, you would see fans crowding around the stage. But because of the current state of the country we are in, guests have assigned tables socially distant from one another just to make sure everyone remains safe and healthy. Although things are momentarily different at the venue, one thing hasn’t changed, good music.

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Papadosio played at the Coca-Cola Roxy. Opening up for Papadosio was an Atlanta native artist by the name of Dollarsine. If I could describe Dollarsine in one word, it would be breathtaking. With his new age sound, and psychedelic synths, there’s no way you wont start dancing when he comes on stage. Dollarsine had everybody moving, even the staff of the venue was getting down. If you watch him closely on stage, with his big smile,you can tell that he is having the time of his life. If you haven’t heard of Dollarsine, I suggest you get on your phone or computer and look him up. He has music on Spotify, Apple Music and there’s even a video on youtube of him playing his full set at Burning Man 2020. Check him out, I swear you wont regret it.

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With a perfect opener, came a perfect headliner, Papadosio. Papadosio is a five man group that makes such beautiful sounds that I can’t categorize which genre they belong in which is probably a good thing. Mostly instrumental, their refreshing sound will put you in a daze as if you’re floating through space. Papadosio has such smooth transitions within their songs that will have you calm on sec and then jumping around in the next. And of course their stage setup gives them an extra feeling of amazingness. They recently came out with an album in 2020, Microdosio, so if you haven’t yet then give it a listen. And if Papadosio is coming to your city then buy your tickets now. They will give you a great show. 


Photo Credit: Andre Buchanan