The Wombats head to Atlanta’s Buckhead Theatre with Openers Clubhouse

Written By | Andre Buchanan

The Wombats have a new album and are on tour! Previously playing in Nashville, the next lucky city to get blessed by the legendary group was none other than Atlanta. If you don’t know, The Wombats are an indie rock band from Liverpool UK. The Wombats formed in 2003 and have been killing the stage ever since. The band consists of three mates, Matthew Murphy as the lead vocals and guitar, Dan Haggis playing the drums and Tord Knudsen on bass and guitar. These three bring such an energy that is rarely matched when performing.

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Opening up for The Wombats, comes the band Clubhouse. Coming from Cleveland, Ohio, Clubhouse is an indie pop band which consists of Max Reichert as the lead, Michael Berthold on the keyboard, Ari Blumer playing guitar, Zak Blumer playing drums and Ben Saulnier playing bass. Clubhouse played their songs “Heartbroke” and “Haunt You” and they even threw in a cover of MGMT “Electric Feel” in their set. Max Reichert has such a smooth calm voice that can really just relax your mind, mix that with the rest of the band and you will be feeling good and dancing. Check out their album Are We Going to Slow and you will see why this was the perfect band to open up for The Wombats.

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Being a fan of The Wombats since I was younger, this was sort of a surreal moment for me. They just released their latest album Fix Yourself, Not the World in January, and I have to say that The Wombats have been consistently putting out amazing music since the early 2000s. From their new Album, The Wombats played “If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming With You” and “Ready for the High” in which The Wombat mascot came out and rocked out! They even performed some songs from older albums like one of my personal favorites, “Kill the Director” from The Wombats Proudly Presents.. A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation. The Wombats destroyed the stage and I’m sure the fans lost their voice from singing their hearts out all night long. Definitely go listen to their newest album asap on all major streaming platforms and jam out.


Photos By | Andre Buchanan