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Baby Cham Chats About The Verzuz At Barclays Growing Up In Kingston And More

Written By | John Cotter

What propels many to become an artist often starts with the cards they’ve been dealt: the place you grow up, the influences surrounding you, and the resources at your disposal. Each individual aspect establishes the character of the artist, or what makes them stand out. For Jamaican dancehall artist Baby Cham, whose reggae roots have proven him to be a staple within the genre since his explosion on the scene in the early-to-late 90’s. 

Cham has worked with artists all around the musical block, from Rihanna and Alicia Keys to Damian Marley and Spice. The collaborative effort “Ghetto Story Chapter 2” with Alicia Keys even garnered Cham a US Hot 100 spot back in 2006, showing his long standing relevance not only within the dancehall genre, but in popular music as a whole.

Most recently, Baby Cham performed alongside Wyclef Jean, Kranium, Konshens, and more for the Verzuz ICONS show at Barclays Center, featuring Super Cat as the lead performer. During the show itself, Baby Cham was ecstatic to take the stage, jumping on both legs repeatedly and interacting with a crowd that, most likely, hasn’t seen a live show in a few years. You could tell he was thriving off of that arena energy, gyrating his hips to the groove of the beat and reminding audiences about the joy of live performances. 

But more than anything, Cham just seems ecstatic to be able to talk about his music, cultural impact, and the thoughts that swirl through his head before he puts on a show. He also just released a new single titled “Condensed Milk” which he claims to be as sexy and fun of a collaborative effort as the aesthetically-titillating music video shows. With Spice being under the wing of Cham musically and creatively, it’s wonderful for the two to be able to share creative juices and let the art speak for itself.