BEACH PANIC! announce debut EP with new single “Dance ‘Till Your Feet Bleed”

Melbourne’s BEACH PANIC! are loud, confident, full of charm and artistic flare, and they’re back with a brand-new grooving tune “Dance ‘Till Your Feet Bleed”, the latest track off their just announced debut EP ‘Ride The Tiger’ slated for release in late September.

Following on from their previous release “Tsunami of Love”, “Dance ‘Till Your Feet Bleed” is about the desperate yearning for the intoxicating feeling of falling in love – a feeling sometimes so overwhelming that the only remedy there is, is to well… it’s all right there in the title.

Bringing together their punk-rock roots, love of art, and downright desire to shake a leg, BEACH PANIC! mix good ol’ fashioned party times with slick jangly riffs, ruthless kicks, and lyrics that speak simply of love – from the highest joys to the darkest desperations.

They wear their hearts on their sleeves, their sweat on the D-floor, and leave you with a smile on your face, adrenaline in your veins, and love in your heart.‘Ride The Tiger’ debut EP – produced by BEACH PANIC! along with long-time friend and previous bandmate Christopher Vernon (Belle Haven) is set to get you shaking those hips in late September.

Looking for a new way to express themselves away from their hardcore roots (both of emo/post-hardcore band Belle Haven) in a brighter, more colourful and positive way. BEACH PANIC! are a whole new outlook for a band, each donning their own alter-ego monikers: Tom Mitchell (aka Daddy Longlegs’) and Daniel Marinakis (aka Dr. M. Flamingo) joined with Daniel’s long-term partner and visual artist Yannica Stakelbeck-Keily (aka Tequila Sunrise).

Brought together by their love for the charm and quirks of 50’s and 60’s music, and the need to express themselves creatively with music, art, and design, BEACH PANIC! bring heart-on-your-sleeve themes, hip shaking grooves, and a ‘let’s just all have a nice time’ ethos with their new single “Dance ‘Till Your Feet Bleed” and upcoming EP ‘Ride The Tiger’.

Single: “Dance ‘Till Your Feet Bleed” is available on all digital streaming services on Thursday, August 8

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