Written By | Christopher Robinson

IYLA and opener YaSi perform a high energy sold out show at BEAT KITCHEN on March 7, 2020 in Chicago, IL. I arrived at the legendary venue as soon as doors opened. A large amount of excited fans were already entering the building to wait for the amazing new stars to make an appearance.

Loads of merchandise was being sold before the show which included some exclusive t-shirts featuring cool slogans and lyrics, buttons, sweaters, stickers and also a box package from IYLA’s camp.

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As the show began at 8:30, opener YaSi approached the stage. She started the set off with a spectacular live beat making session and transitioned into one of her popular tracks, ‘Death in San Diego’, a heavy bass-filled track with an edgy guitar melody and more tracks from her EP, Unavailable. I was really amazed and so was the entire audience when the first beat dropped. YaSi showcased strong vocals and brought great energy to the room. Her presence definitely had everyone up and ready for everything else she had to offer musically.

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Finally, IYLA hits the stage and is about to begin her performance. She wore an black long graphic tee from her merchandise line, stunning earrings the spelled “QUEEN” and gorgeous sparkling boots with a extremely long high ponytail. Beautiful sheets of pastel-color flowers are displayed as the set design reflecting the album cover from her critically acclaimed debut EP, War + Raindrops. IYLA starts her set with heavy-bass ballad ‘OWTV’. With such a strong introduction to this show, I was so intrigued to see what would follow up. Her vocal ability was on another level! IYLA is without a doubt someone to watch.

At one point she took a second to talk about self-empowerment, letting us all know we are loved. This speech transitioned into her next track which was, ‘Naked’. She even gave us a bit of hip swinging choreography, showing us how confident she is in her own skin which had the whole crowd screaming. It truly a special moment I honestly believe everyone took from the show.


As the exciting show comes to a close, IYLA “ends” her set with popular track ‘Flowers’ and leaves the stage but afterwards fans were screaming, “JUICE! JUICE! JUICE!” and IYLA makes a return to the stage for an encore and performs rousing bop, ‘Juice’. It was an awesome way to end such a perfect show.

Every song had a power of softness and bang. There’s no simple way to say how extremely groundbreaking this show was. What I can absolutely say is that IYLA has certainly made a statement and I was very well-entertained throughout the concert!

Photos By | Christopher Robinson