Known for her ethereal swagger and mesmerizing cadences, rapper Bktherula is quickly rising to the top of the rap game. The 21-year-old artist shares “TATTI”, a ferocious new single ahead of her upcoming album LVL5 P2. “TATTI” sees Bk on a haunting, minimal instrumental, with buzzing synths, subsonic 808s, and plenty of negative space for the rapper to fill with her force of personality. 

The Atlanta native takes a moment to feed her ego, rocking an offbeat inflection to request nudes from her groupies and laugh in the face of critics. In the video, which uses a film grain filter to mimic 90s-era home movies, Bk gives a glimpse into her day-to-day: she taunts the camera in close-up as she kicks back in a tour van, pours champagne drinks, and flirts with femme fatales. 

“‘TATTI’ is a byproduct of me feeling myself”, says Bktherula. “Sometimes, it’s good to be self-centered, but it shouldn’t last longer than a full day, or the spirit of ego will take over. Let it in for a while, but always remember when to kick it out.”

Bktherula kicked off 2023 on a high note with LVL5 P1, her most popular and acclaimed project to date. The sizzling 10-song set includes singles like “TAN,” “PSSYONFT,” “FOREVER PT. 2 (JEZEBEL)” ft. Destroy Lonely, and “CRAZY GIRL,” which earned a remix featuring NBA YoungBoy. LVL5 P1earned praise from outlets like REVOLT, PAPER, and Pitchfork, who called it Bk’s “best mixtape yet.” LVL5 P1 and the “FIVE Tour” highlighted a breakthrough year for the young artist, which also included a “zesty” TikTok trend that highlighted earlier songs like “UH HUH” (80k creations) and “Tweakin Together” (53k creations). 

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Bk capitalized on the momentum generated by LVL5 P1 with the “FIVE Tour,” which sold out 15 dates across the country. Earlier this month, Bk was mentioned in a feature about women in hip-hop by her hometown newspaper The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who wrote, “Bktherula’s become known for launching a unique wave of rap that sounds like it’s just as influenced by the Internet and R&B melodies as it is influenced by trap music.” 

With LVL5 P2 on the way, Bktherula continues to rise. Stay tuned as she forges rap’s future with uncompromising style and verve.


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