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Calexico and Iron & Wine in Atlanta at Buckhead Theatre

Written By | Caylee Robillard


Calexico and Iron & Wine played at The Buckhead Theatre on February 10, 2020. It was a rainy Monday evening and this show was just what the weather ordered.


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The folksy melodies and guitar riffs that are unmatched – it was the dreamiest show. After the release of their collaborative album in 2019, Years to Burn, they have taken a countrywide tour together that found itself in Atlanta. Both Calexico and Iron & Wine have well versed and time tested discographies and were able to put on one of the greatest collaborative shows that I have ever seen.


They opened the show with Father Mountain, and the crowd instantly lit up. As I looked through the crowd, I saw more joy than I’ve seen in a long time. The show flowed between songs from their collaborative album and songs from each of their own discographies. In between they played a couple of covers, including I Lost It by Lucinda Williams and Bring on the Dancing Horses by Echo & the Bunnymen – both had the crowd singing along to every word and were beautifully covered. The highlights of the show included Flores y Tamales by Calexico and Naked as We Came by Iron and Wine. These two groups together put on a memorable show that was soundtracked by a diverse and incredible setlist.


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They closed the show with History of Lovers, a beautiful ending to a beautiful evening at the Buckhead Theatre. The authenticity of the music and the pure energy of the musicians that the crowd matched made for a show I won’t soon forget. If you have the chance to catch one of their upcoming dates, make sure you don’t miss these groups on tour together. It was technically impressive, lyrically unmatched, and the music was as authentic as it comes.

Photos By | Caylee Robillard

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