Candlebox with The Lows and To Whom It May in Detroit at The Fillmore

Written By | Joseph Murphy

With such diversity in music in our modern era, Rock & Roll lives on, amplified through a fiery performance from The Lows, To Whom It May and the headliner for the night, Candlebox at the Fillmore. 

Photo By | Joseph Murphy

The Fillmore Theatre was built in 1925 as a movie house in the “Detroit Theatre District” that features a grand lobby and three seating levels for 2900 guests. The building is 12 stories high, covered in terra cotta and hosts an eight story auditorium extending to the rear of the building. The interior is acoustically sound, always making for an intimate concert experience. 

The festivities kicked off with an opening from local talent, The Lows. The Lows origin is homegrown in Detroit and the band was formed in 2017 by Angelo Coppola. “The Lows EP” started out as a solo project by Angelo Coppola which he then named The Lows as a derivative of his name Angelo. He wrote all the songs, played all drums, rhythm guitar & vocals on the EP but started recruiting members to complete the record and to play some live shows with. After that a band was born and he was able to recruit some of the most sought after musicians in Detroit.

They have a vintage rock sound, showing influence from The Stooges, Pearl Jam and MC5 at times. Their stage energy was palpable, supplying the hype they set out to achieve. A great opening band that definitely complimented both acts to follow.  

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Next to step up was a trio of progressive hard rock hell raisers from Galveston, TX, To Whom It May. They were signed by newly formed G4L Record Label (Kevin Martin of Candlebox & Markus Muller-Stach)  in 2018 with their first full feature album release (The Great Filter). They tout many influences but one that was very obvious to the crowd was when they performed their rendition of “Creep” by Radio Head. As an avid fan of Radiohead, I can say these guys paid their respect properly to the immortalized song. Better yet the lead singer pointed to the crowd and said “everyone belongs here, never forget that” to end it. These guys were on point, and i’m looking forward to the music they produce in the future!

To Whom It May Concern
Photo By | Joseph Murphy

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To wrap up this electric night came our finale, the icing on the cake, step forward grudge gods; Candlebox. Forming in Seattle, WA. in 1990 and having released six studio albums; Candlebox has been making stellar music throughout their career and have achieved multi-platinum and gold certificate recognition. They kicked off their 25th Anniversary show with “Change” and did not disappoint. From there they continued with all of their classics along with some new music. Still sounding like they did in the 90’s, they belted out songs that got the crowd singing and dancing to all of the favorites.  High energy and fantastic stage presence kept the audience spinning. Reminiscing about 25 years ago and the first time they played at the Fillmore brought back fond memories for the band and made the crowd go wild. They then Dedicated “Miss You” to all the vets, which was incredibly moving and powerful. With performances like this, for Candlebox, age is just a number. 

Even though this was my first time seeing all three of these groups live, I will no doubt be on the lookout for them if they ever come back to Detroit, and I recommend seeing any of these three bands if they come to a city near you. 

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