Cody Ko and Noel Miller in Atlanta at The Masquerade

Written By | Michael Cully

Photo By | Michael Cully

Cody Ko and Noel Miller, the minds behind Tiny Meat Gang, took the stage at the Masquerade on February 10th where they were greeted by the ecstatic cheers of their sold-out crowd. The duo showed that their humor won’t only just work on their respective YouTube channels or podcast, but they can bring an audience to laughter on stage as well. Mixing planned comedy with improv, Cody and Noel were able to improvise jokes on the spot to mess with the crowd. They used their wit to roast people in the room around them, in particular the coders and men over six foot. Constantly laughing, the crowd loved the show yelling out their favorite catch-phrases from Cody and Noel’s most popular videos. 

Photo By | Michael Cully

Throughout the show, Cody and Noel walked the crowd through previous experiences of their lives in a story time format, such as when Cody worked with an app start up facing a near death experience in a planeSimilar to the style of videos the two make on Cody’s YouTube channel, they watched a frat house version of cribs to “cringe” to. They held nothing back as they commented on every bit of ridiculousness and cringe inducing scene in the video. Cody even stated that he had met a fan on tour who said that they knew one of the boys from the frat. 

Finally, they opened the floor up to the audience to ask questions. Cody and Noel were asked everything from what their most touching fan encounter was to what ethnicity Noel is. After the questions were over, Cody and Noel left the stage and the audience in high spirits. Showing their true comedy prowess, Cody Ko and Noel Miller entertained the crowd with their comedic storytelling, roasts, and on the spot quick thinking to create a night that anyone, TMG fan or not, would enjoy.  

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