Common Mistakes to Avoid in Essay Writing

Whoever tells you that essay writing is easy is lying to you. This is why essay assignments are so frequent in all academic levels – it takes time and practice to master this important life skill. Truth is, even the most qualified writers make mistakes in writing that they need to tweak in the editing phase.

Since essays are the most frequently assigned task in schools, your grades are highly reliant on how you craft them. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you with the most common errors in writing essays that you should avoid for higher grades.

1.  Failing to Ask for Help From Essay Service

The first and biggest mistake that students make is submitting an essay written in a rush (or one containing stolen content). Yes, the lives of students are very busy and stressful, but spending the entire night without sleep just to meet a deadline never ends well, and this is not just because it’s bad for your health. To avoid making essay mistakes and getting a low grade, you need to recognize when it is time to hire writer to help you. Just go to the Edubirdie writing service where you can get help from professional essay writer and you’ll get a paper written without rush by an expert.

Most of the mistakes essay tasks contain are made because the student skips important parts of the process. In a rush, it’s tempting to skimp on doing an outline, or to rewrite an existing paper and use their list of sources. Many students skip the editing part because they are late submitting the paper, all because they are rushing the process.

If you struggle with deadlines or the task is too difficult, just ask for help – everyone does it.

1.  Neglecting the Thesis Statement

Think of the thesis statement as the pillar of your essay. This is how the reader knows what the paper is about. It’s what makes your paper what it is. That being said, one of the most common essay mistakes is neglecting this part. Some students skip it altogether and do not introduce the topic in the first part of the essay. Others consider it unimportant and write it just for the sake of it.

The introduction serves to introduce the thesis, which is why you need the thesis statement. It usually belongs at the end of the introduction. Professors will expect it to be there and, if it is too vague or non-existent, you will lose points.

2.    Repeating the Information from the Introduction

Speaking of the introduction, this short part of your essay serves a unique purpose – to introduce the topic. In it, you should provide some background information, talk about why you chose the topic, and include the thesis statement.

In order to create longer papers, students often repeat the same thing in the body paragraphs and add some arguments. This is a mistake. Your essay should not repeat the thesis statement over and over again.

Don’t rewrite the introduction in the conclusion, either. This is a place where you summarize your findings, not a place to introduce the topic all over again.

3.  Too Many Arguments and Facts

A good academic paper is based on thorough research, but this doesn’t mean that you should pile up facts and arguments. If you overdo it, you can stray from the topic or annoy the reader. The idea is to find the most relevant arguments and choose a few to elaborate on, not offer too much information that overwhelms.

This is yet another reason why an outline is a must when you write academic papers.

1.  Poor Formatting

Essay writing isn’t just about creating content. In the end, no matter how well you researched or wrote the paper, you’ll still get a lower grade unless you edit and format it properly. This is why professors assign specific formatting styles. Leave some time in your schedule for editing and formatting, and follow the rules and instructions based on the style in your assignment.

2.  No Paragraph Transitions

If you keep skipping between topics without any transitions, your essay will be a mess. Make sure to add transitions at the end and beginnings of paragraphs to keep your essay coherent and easy to read. Phrases like ‘regarding this’, ‘based on the previous statement’, and ‘speaking about this’, can help the reader make connections and will make your essay more readable.

Wrapping Up

Many things can go wrong in essay writing, but most educators notice the same few mistakes in the majority of papers they receive. Hopefully, this post will help you avoid these mistakes and with it, you’ll get better grades for your papers.

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