De Staat Return To Berlin On Their “Who’s Afraid of De Staat?“ Tour

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Written and Captured By | Chantal Burau

Only a month after stopping in Berlin with Biffy Clyro, De Staat returned on their own “Who’s Afraid of De Staat?“-Headline-Tour and found their way into Hole 44 with their Support Banji.

Banji started the evening off with their interesting soundscape with cutting guitars, sardonic lyrics and 8-Bit-Soundelements. The dutch quartet set the tone of the show with songs from their just released album and older singles. 

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De Staat teased the audience with a small light show before entering the stage and starting their set heating up the mood and energy of the room with “Look At Me“. They continued strong with  energetic older and newer songs, that carried the lively air of the crowd constantly through the evening. Though it might need a bit time for some people to warm up or get used to sound and performance of the dutch five-piece, especially songs like “Pikachu“, the energy of their shows is pretty catchy and inviting.

The club was fairly packed and with each song more people started to dance and join light circle-pits that were more dancing-pits. Fan-favorite and really mood setting songs besides “Look At Me“ and “Pikachu“ were “Who’s Gonna Be the GOAT?“ and “Witch Doctor“, which “ended“ the set and also let to almost the club joining the said dancing and circle-pit, leaving barely room to escape (believe me, I tried after some time).

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During their set, they sufficiently showed off their guitar-driven, thrilling and unmistakable sound of its own, with lyrics, melodies and the animating performances that, like mentioned earlier, left nearly no one behind. They ended the night on a high and powerful note as well, with “Kitty Kitty“ as the last song of the encore and show demanding every last bit of power from the crowd leaving them wanting to see  and hear more. 

Chantal Burau