Death Cab for Cutie At The Coca-Cola Roxy With Openers Thao

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Written & Captured By | Andre Buchanan

The legendary band, Death Cab for Cutie is back for the 10th album. In honor of their newly released album Asphalt Meadows, a tour is obviously necessary. Stopping in Atlanta GA, Death Cab for Cutie performed at one of the best venues in town, the Coca-Cola Roxy. Located in The Battery, home of the infamous Braves, the Coca-Cola Roxy is one of Atlanta’s biggest venues which can hold a little over 3000 fans. It is perfect for large bands invoking a huge tour like Death Cab for Cutie.

Joining Death Cab for Cutie on tour is Thao. What an incredible performance Thao put on. With the help of her band, Thao and her guitar rocked the stage and had fans jumping to her music. Thao played songs from her most recent album Temple, but she also performed her latest released song Ambition. Thao definitely heated fans up and had everybody ready for Death Cab for Cutie.

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Coming in hot on stage, Death Cab for Cutie hit the stage with their first song “I Don’t Know How I Survive”. Throughout the night, they also played “Crooked Teeth” and “Black Sun”. The band continues to blow my mind with their electric energy. Ben Gibbard’s voice is still intriguingly smooth. Fans danced and yelled, screaming their favorite song lyrics all night until their voice became hoarse. For some, this show was long overdue. Fans will forever remember this night for the rest of their lives.

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