On Wednesday October 17th, 2018, Duckwrth made his IMPRINT on Toronto at the Velvet Underground. This Funkwave/Hip-Hop/R&B artist from Los Angeles, California may draw his inspiration from a misunderstood past and the roller coaster of emotions that life provides, but he definitely lights the stage on fire.


I was excited for this night and was surprised to find a handful of people in the lineup when I arrived for doors opening, most of whom were there for the meet-and-greet with Duckwrth. Thankfully once I made my way inside, got my gear set up and the start time drew closer, the venue filled up more to give the opener a decent turnout.


Deem Spencer, a rapper from South Jamaica, Queens, New York, without a doubt gained some new Toronto fans after his set that night. Smooth and laid back, Deem Spencer paced the stage, gently rapping his poetic and heart-felt lyrics. After his set ended and everyone waited for Duckwrth, I overheard a few people talking about how good he was and how they planned on finding his things to listen to when they got home. I think that must be something that any musician wishes to accomplish from a show, so well done to Deem Spencer on his performance. You can see a sneak peek of that live footage here.
View more photos of Deem Spencer here.


Headlining the night was the eccentric and electric Duckwrth. Like previously mentioned, I was excited for this night and truthfully it was because of him. With a few songs on personal Spotifiy playlists and a good 100+ contributing views towards ‘Fall Back’, I wanted to see how much energy this man could produce live. He didn’t disappoint in the slightest.


From the moment Duckwrth appeared in his little LED stage box to the moment his set ended, he gave everything he had in him. Duckwrth took up every inch of that tiny stage, hyped up the entire venue, had people cracking up from his conversations with Dragon, and gave us improv galore; this show was seriously incredible. Duckwrth gives the same kind of performance live as he does in his professionally recorded content. There was absolutely no holding back and just an insane amount of animation while he was on stage. You can see a sneak peek of that live video footage here.
View more photos of Duckwrth here.


I would see Duckwrth live again for sure and I highly suggest that others get out to see him too. Check out this link here to see if The Falling Man Tour stops in your city.

Keep up-up-to-date with all things Duckwrth by checking out his website, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and spotifiy. Check out the newest music video and audio track released below.

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