Freebandz Hotlantas Pop Up Hosted by Future

Written By | Amanda  Jogie

Welcome to Hotlanta, recently Drake and Future released a hit together, Life is Good, a song featuring a catchy chorus and a trap beat basing the video on the daily life of a regular person including jobs like; Trashmen, Costumer service reps, mechanics and of course a job at the local Mrs.Winners.


Here is where we found our pop up  location of the video Life is Good aka Hotlanta. The pop up was created for fans to be able to experience a part of the music video including a photo booth with Hotlanta boarders and the opportunity to purchase Hotlanta themed meals at the restaurant not to mention the chance to receive free tickets to the show and a picture with the man himself Future Hendrix.


Keeping things as authentic as possible all of the decor for the video remained up allowing multiple photo opportunities for fans to partake in. The venue filled up pretty quickly but Future did a phenomenal job of making sure each fan had a great and safe experience. The event kicked offed with a video van pulling into the parking lot playing the video on both sides of the van which really got fans going, Life is good was blaring and fans were dancing and vibing to the song.


Anticipation heightened while we all patiently waited for Future to arrive. Finally the black sprinter arrives and fans were ecstatic crowds of people flooded the area trying to photos with Future and Freebandz members. Though the place was quite full almost everyone was able to get a personalized experience with Future.

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Freebandz members including Guap Tarantino, She loves Meechie and others remained behind the counter taking orders as if the music video was still happening, they handed out freshly made warm cinnamon buns and crispy fried chicken boxes too excited fans.

Future then took the event outside and allowed fans to take pictures with him infant of the Garbage truck featured in the vide for Life is good. During this time he handed out six tickets for the show the following night.

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Overall the event was a hit, it was definitely something special fans will remember for years to come.

Photos By| Amanda Jogie

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