‘FRIDA’, inspiring pop artist and activist, Alma Grace’s upcoming EP

Written By | Agustina Subirá

New York based artist, Alma Grace, is released her 4 track EP named “FRIDA” today. The album includes her two latest released singles “Girl Fight” and “Aventura”, and it also contains the unreleased songs: “Relámpago” and “Aztlán”. With a bicultural, Mexican American upbringing, the high-spirited composer’s work is distinguished by her Mexican influence; in “Aventura” she perfectly combines English and Spanish languages with bright and catchy lyrics in a precise harmony vocals of pop up-tempo beats.

“’I loved the double meaning of the word “aventura”—it simultaneously means adventure and affair, and Frida certainly had her fill of both. Frida is rumored to have had affairs with everyone from Leon Trotsky to Georgia O’Keeffe. She lived her life loving whoever she wanted to love—a courageous philosophy for a woman in the early 1900s and in the modern-day.’” Alma Grace’s words about the song, according to Modern Neon Media web site.

The first release of the EP was “Girl Fight”, a strong bisexual anthem inspired on Frida Kahlo’s life; more precisely, in the affair she had with the same woman her husband had previously cheated on her with. Its powerful energy is perceived in every note, in every beat and every verse of the song. The enormous talent of the multifaceted young vocalist is proven once more through this profound seductive melody along with its impressive lyrics.

The 20-year-old performer is also an actress and activist whose aim is, according to her web site, “(…) to create art with a social conscience-writing songs powerful enough to right systemic wrongs.” As an actress she has taken part on TV shows in HBO and Discovery, and films with great figures such as Toby Maguire and Ed Zwick. But the most amazing aspect of this charismatic profound vibrant performer, is her social engagement. She has volunteered with community-based organizations in Harlem and worked in the U.S. Senate to defend immigrants facing deportation. Her first single ‘Adios Maria’ is a call for a more just immigration system and a word of comfort to immigrant mothers.

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