From Percussionist to Producer – the Journey of JS aka The Best

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QUESTION: What began your interest in producing and creating your own music? 

JS aka The Best: I am classically trained in every percussion instrument. My insistence on live instrumentation stems from my time being in a symphony orchestra in DC, which was an awe-inspiring experience. The DC area is the home of Go-go music, something I grew up surrounded by. 

QUESTION: For those unaware, explain Go-go music.

JS aka The Best: A funk subgenre that places emphasis on the bass/snare pattern. This emphasizes live instrumentation because programming it would not have nearly the same effect. One might think a swing rhythm, implied or outright stated. DC’s essentially the most popular area for it, and very recently (one or two years ago) it was even named the “official music” of Washington, D.C. So yes, it is essential to me both as a D.C. resident and as a musician. 

QUESTION: Any placements of your music that people might recognize? 

JS aka The Best: Honestly, too much to list, but you might have heard some of it on ESPN, Disney, Reebok, Starbucks, Macy’s, Samsung, and Cartoon Network, and that’s but a sample. I like to keep myself busy. 

QUESTION: Outside of music, what else are you focused on? 

JS aka The Best: Right now, trying to get more involved in acting, directing, and writing. I am co-starring in the final season of Wu-Tang: An American Saga out in 2023. So, while I intend on staying active musically, I’d like to transition to more of the film world.