Acclaimed songwriter Gracie Abrams has shared her latest single, a poignant and powerful track called “Brush Fire. Released as a gift to her fans, the stark but spellbinding song is accompanied by a live version of an equally enthralling video from the 21-year-old artist. “Brush Fire” is  available now at all digital retailers via Interscope Records.
Co-written by Abrams with Tobias Jesso Jr and Blake Slatkin, “Brush Fire” centers on the gently commanding vocal work and intimate storytelling Abrams recently brought to her debut project minor. With Slatkin also serving as the track’s producer, the song unfolds in a sparse arrangement of dreamy keyboard tones as Abrams reflects on infatuation and loss, gracefully threading “Brush Fire” with her intricate melodies and delicate poetry (e.g., “Your words hit me like a hard rain in L.A.”).
“I wanted this song to come out before the end of the year because it feels kind of like a bookend,” says Abrams.  “There are new feelings and new sounds that come with the new music. Brush Fire felt it needed to live closer to minor.  Like neighbors.”
Directed by Joseph Armario, the live performance video for “Brush Fire” perfectly captures the song’s mood of quiet desolation. To that end, the visual finds Abrams seated on the floor of an empty theater, with Jesso positioned behind his keyboard many feet away. Intermittently brightened by flashes of color and light, the video again reveals Abrams’s rare power to fill vast spaces with her understated yet impactful expression.
Released in July, minor features Abrams’s beloved singles “21, “I miss you, I’m sorry,” and “Long Sleeves.” The seven-song project drew praise from outlets like Ones To Watch, who noted that “Abrams encourages her listeners to acknowledge every ugly feeling that bubbles up, revel in it, and accept that it’s okay to feel this way.” Executive-produced by Slatkin, minor also found Abrams collaborating with producer/songwriters like Joel LittleBenny BlancoJim-E StackSarah Aarons, and Caroline Pennell.