How Music Choices in The Walking Dead Impact the Show

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The Walking Dead has quickly become one of the world’s most beloved TV series ever created, boasting more than 170 episodes across 11 seasons that enthrall viewers worldwide. Each scene that was written and shown brought thrills of joy from fans around the globe.

Post-apocalyptic drama “Fear the Walking Dead” managed to keep audiences engrossed as much as possible, thanks to captivating and immersive action on screen. While audiences were engaged by visuals alone, music played an integral part in creating tension, fear, and hopelessness among characters in the series – thus underscoring its value in any TV series, which is why so many shows have all gone on to use it as a technique to capture the attention of its viewers.

Sets the Tone

Music has the unique ability to evoke a range of emotions from those that hear it, thus enhancing the visual elements that can be seen when watching the TV. The Walking Dead manages to exploit this technique well, as the tracks that they used were carefully selected in order to generate certain reactions from the audience.

Soundtracks can help inform viewers about how to feel about the scenes being watched. The Walking Dead was able to use sad-sounding music when a character died in order to enhance the emotional impact that the moment desired to create. At the same time, the series was able to use fast-paced music when danger was imminent, thus building tension about what might happen next.

Creating a Narrative

The Walking Dead was also able to use soundtracks in order to create a sense of atmosphere and place. The music that was used during the zombie attacks managed to convey the fear and desperation associated with those moments, as well as make them more intense. Furthermore, some tracks were used in order to give certain scenes a surreal or strange feel.

Overall, the music used in The Walking Dead was able to fit perfectly with the show’s narrative and create an atmosphere that complemented each scene. This allowed for further immersion into the story and therefore added to its emotional power. Without music, this would not have been possible, thus proving how important it can be when telling a compelling story. Therefore, it is perhaps not a surprise that a lot of the music heard can be found across other entertainment mediums where the show has been used. The iGaming industry is one such example, as there is a game that is among the most popular Casino Vegas Slots available that has taken inspiration from the show because of its fame and appeal. While the developer has managed to use many of the show’s visual elements, they also managed to incorporate a soundtrack that depicts the eeriness that the show has.

Highlighting Character Development

Music can also play an effective role in helping to build character development, as it can help to convey certain emotions through the screen to the audience. Certain sounds can be used to express an emotion that may be being experienced by a character, which can then be felt by those viewing the action.

This can help to build connections with the audience, as they can become invested in the stories that are being told, thus making them intrigued to learn what happens next and follow the story through to its end.

Music has a Huge Influence

While it is clear that The Walking Dead has been able to capitalize on the advantages that certain musical scores can provide viewers when watching the show, it is not a hidden secret. In fact, it is used widely throughout the industry. However, it could be argued that this specific franchise has been able to utilize the technique in a highly successful way.

Viewers over the past decade or so have been gripped by all of the action that has been experienced across the 11 seasons the show ran for, with many being disappointed that it had come to an end. This is because the sounds used helped them to forge emotional connections with the characters on screen while they were invested in each of the scenes that were created. There are many moments that will be remembered from the franchise, with the music attached to them undoubtedly playing its role.