“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”

Introducing Melbourne Singer-Songwriter VNA Along With Her New Single “You”

“VNA (vee-na) is a Melbourne singer and songwriter. VNA is an upcoming artist who recently released her debut single ‘You’ on August 20, 2021. VNA decided to spend her lockdown pursuing her music career as she believed this was the perfect opportunity to get her work out there. When it comes to writing, VNA incorporates sensuality and mediates both her empath energy and life experiences and accentuates purity along with it. Her sound and frequency vibrates the room pioneering a soft sound rooted in RNB Soul, RNB Alternative and RNB Neo Soul. VNA’s influences are Umi, Aaradhna, Sabrina Claudio, Alina Baraz, Ariana Grande and H.E.R.

VNA started ‘You’ in her room after attending a concert in January 2020. “And you get like that when you see an artist you admire on stage and that whole energy within you is full of creation”. VNA got completely inspired that very day and wrote the first half of the song within 30 minutes. ‘You’ is a song about love in its purest form. It’s an expression of the intensity of love but on the flipside the uncertainty of love. “It’s about a girl who is so in love and she believes that through time, space and the whole quantum that he is the one and she just wants to know if he feels the same way”. After months of leaving her unfinished project, VNA was determined to finish her single in 2021. VNA is currently working on her EP which she hopes to release before the year ends. We look forward to looking out for more of her work.

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If you would like to check more of VNA’s recent work, follow her on Instagram @officiallyraveena. Or you can find her on Youtube @officiallyraveena.

For any business enquiries, you can email her on