LA-based singer and songwriter Isabellahas shared her new 7-track EP, Humanout today. Emblematic of Human’s pervading vulnerability, the EP’s standout singles “It’s Mine,” “Always, Maybe,”and the recent “Everywhere I Go” featuring Zacari of TDE carries the theme of finding self and navigating love and relationships. A panoramic exploration of both the personal and existential, songs like “Queen Of Spades,” and the title track touch on breaking hearts to being heartbroken to spirituality and more, plus the moody production and live instrumentation of some records – like the cresting guitar solo that closes out “Carousel” – show Isabella’s versatility on this project.

Isabella shares: “This is the chapter where I’m stepping into my own skin. It’s about being OK with the different chapters that I’ve had in the past because they’ve all made me who I am today.”

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Raised in Los Angeles by her Ethiopian mother and Danish father, Isabella’s foray into the public eye began as a model at 5 years old. Despite industry success, at 16, Isabella pivoted to seriously pursuing music by working closely with songwriters and producers, but ultimately felt the songs weren’t representative of her. Taking a step back to focus on her own songwriting, she reemerged in 2018 with “Three,” a visceral song about realizing a relationship has finally reached its end. The following year, she released her debut album, 12 Angels, which takes its title from a protective phrase her mother used to say whenever Isabella left the house.