Janae Music Taps Into The Very Soul of DMV

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Janae Music shares her heart with the listener through the sheer power of her performance. Starting as a part of a choir, she found her voice during that time, ready to reveal her innermost passion to others. Her lyricism reflects a deep understanding of blues, for the phrasing and deliberate word choice emphasize the care she places in each word. Her music’s goal is to offer solace to help people navigate their emotions, whether it be heartbreak, love, or other intense experiences. With these big feelings, she makes sure that she gives her sound that universal appeal.

Growing up in Washington, DC, she shows that hometown love by performing around the area multiple times. The way she brings down the house has given her live events a legendary aura. Her performances have taken place throughout the United States, meaning that her roots in go-go music (a DC staple) have borne great fruit. A humble origin in that hyper-regionalized sound gave her the confidence to bring her career to the next level.

Upon going through her background, it is incredible to see how self-made her career is. Although almost entirely self-taught, her confidence in herself has led to her becoming something as extraordinary as this. In addition, her ability to draw from rap to singer-songwriter to R&B artist further cements her undeniable musical chops.