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As part of his most recent album, Origen,JUANES announces the global release the video for his hit song “Sin Medir Distancias,” one of the songs that inspired and influenced him as a teenager and marked his life as an artist. “Sin Medir Distancias” currently occupies the #2 spot on the general radio ranking in Colombia, as monitored by National Report. 

Through this song, JUANES showcases Colombian folklore by paying tribute to vallenato and, of course, to songwriter Gustavo Gutiérrez Cabello, as well as to the voices of Diomedes Díaz and El Cocha Molina, who made this song a classic. 

Far from producing standard remakes, JUANES has reimagined his favorite music in fresh and insightful ways. He makes each song truly his own, finding new meaning and unknown depth in even the most familiar songs. The singer and songwriter also manages to turn the diverse collection of music on his album into a surprisingly cohesive, organic and complete work. Despite the diversity of musical genres, the new album has a distinct and integrated sound, anchored in the spirit of rock with hints of Caribbean festivity and strains of Latin soul.” 

Agustín Garza

Diomedes takes me back to the time I spent in Medellín, when I loved vallenato and for some reason when I was a teenager, I connected a lot with this music even though I was more of a rocker, but girlfriends, parties, led me to become passionate about that music, with all of Diomedes’ songs. Also, Carlos Vives with Clásicos de la Provincia led me to know and love this genre.” 


In the video, JUANES pays tribute to the music on TV and is inspired by the classic programs of the 60s and that unforgettable scene from The Ed Sullivan show where The Beatles played for the first time when they arrived in America.

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Origen’ is the tenth studio album of JUANES’ solo career.  It features icon anthems, such as “Nuestro Juramento,” by Julio Jaramillo, which today occupies, for the fourth consecutive week, the number 1 spot on the general radio chart in Ecuador, and “No Tengo Dinero” by the maestro Juan Gabriel, which occupies the number 3 spot on the general radio chart in Mexico.