Kodie Shane releases new album ‘Young Heartthrob’

Written By | Joshua Habtwold

Chicago-raised, Atlanta-born and currently residing, Kodie Shane (Kodie Williams) is a 20-year old critically acclaimed rapper/singer/songwriter who just released her debut album Young HeartThrob. This has been her latest release since her past critically-adored projects, such as 2016’s debut Zero Gravity EP, that includes the cult-classic track “Sad” [feat. Lil Yachty], which generated millions of Spotify streams, followed by her second successful single “Drip On My Walk.” She also released a couple of projects in 2017, such as her Big Trouble Little Jupiter mixtape and her Back From The Future EP. 

Being one of Atlanta’s freshest and fiercest voices, Kodie Shane has graced the industry with her blend of Hip-Hop and Pop music, by emphasized rhyming, unique lyricism and ear-worm melodies over cheerful, genre-blurring beats that have become her calling card. She has been praised by many multiple outlets, such as The FADER (“The mischievous edge that lives in Kodie Shane’s flow effectively bumps the sensual factor of ‘Sing to Her’ up a thousand notches, and I can’t get enough!”), Pitchfork (“Her animated personality shines…” – on “Sing to Her”), Complex (“Kodie is one of Atlanta’s finest out right now.”), Noisey, and Pigeons and Planes, as well as Billboard recently calling her one of 2018’s biggest Pop Stars to watch. She has also headlined shows around the world and opened up for the likes of Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, The Internet, Jhené Aiko, Snakehips, and Billie Eilish. 

By using lovestruck melodies, intimate and emotionally raw vocals, as well as setting a different tone from what she usually does, Kodie Shane goes outside of her joyful, glittery pop raps to more vividly dark, slow-to-mid paced, trap R&B and rap tracks that express a variety of experiences and emotions, such as breakups, vice addictions, and the whole lavish lifestyle of fame. It also brings the concept of loneliness, regret, resentment, and heartbreak on a 15-track project, that showcases the rising artist’s talent and versatility across 15 tracks, produced by the likes of Wondagurl, Dallas Austin, OZ and more. It also has guest features with Canton, OH’s Trippie Redd (“Love and Drugz II”) and Augusta, GA’s trap-R&B crooner TK Kravitz (“Flex on Me”). Here at IMPRINT, we gave this 37-minute album a listen and here’s what we think of these 15 tracks

Lost – is a 2:46 minute song about how Kodie’s lover is trying to manipulate her with a fake persona, and by doing things that are invading her privacy (ex. mind games, going through things without Kodie’s consent). Kodie feels like she is losing her lover’s authentic self, and is manipulated by a fake persona.

Lost inside, I’m tryna find the real her, tryin’ hard but I just cannot feel her.” 

Love and Drugz II (feat. Trippie Redd) – is a 3:09 minute song about battling certain vices (ex. substance abuse, the complications of love) and the challenges battling those vices, such as loneliness, peer pressure, and resentment.

“Sometimes I feel so alone, even when I’m not alone. I don’t pick up but they still call my phone. She hate that shit and I know” 

High Speeds – is a 3:20 minute song based on the form of maturity in love and romance. In this song, Kodie mentions how she wants a temporary relationship due to her fast-paced lifestyle and her love, which is personified as a prescription. Her lover, on the other hand, wants a long-term relationship, in which Kodie doesn’t really want to pursue.

I can’t lie, I’ve been rolling for two weeks (Shut up). She can’t lie, she been in love for two years. She can’t lie, she tired of so many tears.” 

Thinking Bout U – is a 3:12 minute song about a love interest that Kodie is interested in pursuing, and how she always has her love interest on her mind. In that case, she looks at the interests they have, their personas, as well as the past recollections of an ex-lover that she was dating.

“I like Lil Wayne, but see my girl, she like Young Gunna. Listenin’ to Thugger, I remember when I loved her.” 

Pulling Up – is a 3:19 minute song about how the public sees Kodie whenever she is in the limelight, due to her lavish lifestyle and her fame. She speaks on how people are interested in her for being famous, how she has little time for herself, and the feelings that she deals with from the fame and lavish lifestyle.

“I know they gon’ be watchin’ when I’m pullin’ up. So maybe I should come by when nobody’s home, yeah.” 

Party – is a 2:46 minute song about the experiences that Kodie deals with whenever she goes to parties and functions. She comes with a significant other, who has an interest in her and knew her before she was famous. She also talks about how people only like her for the fame, but will never care about the real her.

“Cause they don’t know me anyway. No they don’t want to know me, that’s the case. She said she knew my songs before she knew my name, I said I know your face but still don’t know your name, yeah.” 

Learning – is a 2:39 minute song about the lavish lifestyle that she and girl experience throughout the fame, and how Kodie’s significant other has to be patient, trusting, and understanding that she is famous and that the fame brings certain aspects that takes time to learn and such.

“Hit one gear and now we gone, one gear, now we lost. Love is so hard to build, can’t tell the flaw from real, yeah.” 

Don’t Fight It – is a 2:10 minute song about just letting the love come to the person you are pursuing and not resisting or leaving the aspect of love.

“If you want it, I got it, come get it, tell me why you hidin’. Don’t matter if you want it or not, somebody will find it.” 

Don’t Worry Bout It – is a 2:47 minute song about how you should never worry about any issues that love experiences. The song is basically transcribing that the feelings you experience should not be prescribed to you leaving from this, but by using this experience to enjoy this time without any restriction and to never be alone.

“Cause I don’t wanna go home, she don’t wanna go home. And we don’t wanna be alone, so tell me could you be alone?” 

Shut Up – is a 3:17 minute song about the complications of a relationship and how it takes a toll on both partners. In this case, if one person is famous and experiences a different lifestyle that the other doesn’t experience, then the relationship gets complicates and both have to find ways to experience that long-lasting romance.

“She don’t understand why I’m on the road and not with her. We be tryin’ hide our feelings when we know we both hurt.” 

End Like That  is a 3:40 minute song about a breakup that Kodie experiences and wants to get her lover back, even though she never wants a girl back whenever one breaks up with her. As well, she mentions how she can’t go out in public without her significant other, due to her established fame and other people who want her, even though she has no interest in them.

“I can’t even go nowhere with my baby. All these cameras on me, somehow I just still feel lonely.”  

Sing to Her – is a 2:47 minute song about living lavish with a significant other and not going back to one’s past or replacing what they have now with something that seems artificial.

“Sorry I’m so mannish. I’m so glad you made it. Yeah, you know I prayed it. I’ll send you my location. Thank you for your patience.” 

Flex on Me (feat. TK Kravitz) – is a 2:57 minute song about how Kodie’s lover is doing well than her, once they broke up. From that, Kodie felt that she helped her and gave all her heart out for this person, yet the significant other used her as a come up and lavishly acts better than her when she is with a new lover.

“Put yourself in my shoes. Don’t play by no one else rules, uh. They don’t know you like I know you. They don’t know the shit we’ve been through, yeah.” 

Hiatus – is a 3:02 minute song about the experiences of a breakup that Kodie deals with and had future plans to be with that significant other. She explains how the form of heartbreak is temporary, how her and her former lover have different mindsets, and how hard it is to find love, even with a plethora of people to choose.

“She don’t wanna be with me so we took a hiatus. I remember dreams of marryin’ you up in Vegas.” 

Long Time – is a 2:23 minute song about knowing that you’re not around a certain aspect or love interest for a long time, can change a person about knowing right from wrong and that you have to do things to make it work and give life another chance of pursuing that aspect or love interest.

“If you playin’, hope you play the games right, I’m the one you lay with at night. I need to know if I’m gone, you’ll be alright, and when I come back we’re making things right, yeah.” 

Overall, this album could potentially be a genre-blending classic with its blend of hip-hop, dark trap-R&B, pop music, and electronica-R&B. It comes captive with vivid lyrics about heartbreak and the complications of being in a relationship with a person who is experiencing fame, as well as the inner vices we deal with. It also comes with stellar production from a lot of unique producers, whether big-name or artist-affiliated. This is definitely something that I would truly recommend; with Young HeartthrobKodie Shane has become the most exciting new artist to watch in 2018. 


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