Mal & Quill drop new video for “What’s Happening”

Rocking designer in their house in the hills, Mal & Quill supercharge their flex in “What’s Happening,” their latest video single.

Stacking spitfire syllables in between delayed square-synth waves, courtesy of 808 Mafia, Mal & Quill revel in their own shine, but they don’t forget their roots on the new single. In the video, Yung Mal rocks a Givenchy sweater as he cooks in the kitchen with a model, while Lil Quill takes his girl for a spin in his bright orange Beamer. “What’s Happening” is the latest release from Blessed Lil Bastards 3, the duo’s forthcoming project, following the slinky “Beat Monster,” which features a guest spot from Q Money.

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