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Matisse & Sadko in Atlanta at Believe Music Hall

Written By | Andres Piedrahita

I must say the show was a bit mellow in the beginning but picked up as it got closer to the opener. That’s usually how it is when you have more of chill house type artists at venue. The night did start off a bit slow with Alex Lucas since I could hear he was more of a chill house DJ (type of EDM music genre). I will say, his set was a mixture of Euro Disco and a little of Trance which was awesome to listen too.


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After Alex Lucas, he switched with another DJ called “Th Black Amigo” which I have never heard of before and was excited to hear his set. During his set, he played some popular songs from the radio, but did a remix of them in his own way where the song would be normal and then break into a song. It’s hard to explain and would suggest seeing in person to witness the master piece.

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After The Black Amigo finished his set, Matisse & Sadko were up next to play. Once they came on, the mood intensified in venue and the crowd began dancing to each song they played.

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During their set they had these two performers come out in what looked like huge wings on their backs, and it was cool seeing how they used the prop to flow with the music from the set. Matisee & Sadko were amazing to watch! Throughout their whole set they were in the moment and their mood never changed. They were dancing at any moment they could and would hype the crowd through beautiful drops or visuals on the screen.

They ended their set with having the VIP girls come on stage as well as the owner of the venue and sprayed champagne into the crowd. Definitely was a stylish way to end their night in Atlanta and one the audience will remember forever!

Photos By | Andres Piedrahita

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