Metric and Zoe with July Talk in Atlanta at The Tabernacle

Written By | Matt Delaney

Photo By | Matt Delaney

One of my favorite places to see a show in Atlanta is at the Tabernacle. This venue is an Atlanta staple known for hosting incredible acts in an intimate setting. On February 24, Metric was set to hit the stage partnering with Mexicos very own Zoe. The opener July Talk hit the stage promptly at 7pm followed by Zoe at 8pm and then Metric at 9:30pm.

Photo By | Matt Delaney

July Talk is a Canadian alternative rock band formed in 2012 in Toronto, Ontario. The band is comprised with lead singers Leah Fay and Peter Dreimanis, with drummer, Danny Mills and bassist, Josh Warburton. The act was truly a delight to see on stage and they did not disappoint the fans. Their sound strikes a balance between indie rock and Americana. Their live show performance was explosive; so much so, that Leah managed to drop her mic stand off the stage nearly hitting me. She was great and even paused the show for a moment to make sure I was okay.

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The Second act was Zoe, which is a Mexico based rock band formed in 1994 in Mexico City. This band is extremely popular in Mexico and much of South America. with albums such as Rocanlover, Memo Rex Commander y el Corazón Atómico de la Vía Láctea and Reptilectric. As I walked past all the fans lined up you could tell they were eagerly waiting to see this band since they don’t tour North America very often. This show was sold out with more than half of the fans lined up just to see Zoe. Zoes lineup includes lead singer Leon Larregui and the rest of the band: Jesus Baez (keyboards), Sergio Acosta (lead guitar), Rodrigo Guardiola (drums) and Angel Mosqueda (bass). When Leon and the band hit the stage, the crowd roared with excitement and you could tell the band loved the warm welcome from their Atlanta based fans.

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The final act of the night was Metric that started promptly at 9:30pm. Metric was formed in 1998 out of Toronto, Ontario. The band consist of Lead singer Emily Haines with James Shaw (lead guitar), Joules Scott Key (drums), and Joshua Winstead (bassist). I personally was very excited to see this band and have been a fan of them since the mid 2000s when I heard the song “help I’m alive” from their album, Fantasies. Metric began the night with “love you back” and Emily with the band came to the center stage full of life and energy. The stage was very well lit including smoke for effects. Metric continues to tour the US with Zoe and July Talks with 19 more stops ending the tour at the Fillmore in Detroit, MI.

Lastly, Id like to comment on how professional and friendly the staff is at the Tabernacle. They always aim to ensure the fans have a good time. They even offered to accommodate me by setting me up in VIP to warm up in between acts.

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