My Favorite Color and Valee Network Like Cartoons in “Man Man”

The Two Rappers Connect For a Hazy and Offbeat Anthem,

Complete With an Inventive Animated Video

Rising rapper My Favorite Color turns heads with offbeat flows and cleverly constructed punchlines. Teaming up with a fellow flowsmith for a woozy and dreamy new anthem, My Favorite Color shares Man Man,” and its new animated music video. Navigating a seasick, synth-heavy instrumental from Cam Raleigh, the new song finds My Favorite Color trading verses with Valee, a kindred spirit of MFC’s who also specializes in attacking beats from odd angles. The Rostrum Records signee takes the first turn on the mic, purposefully pushing the envelope with outrageous lyrics, dipping into Valee’s famous “Two 16s” flow as he rhymes: “This b*tch knows she’s perfect, but I treat her like a 8/N**** want some smoke, then Ima treat him like an eighth/All this ice like figure 8’s/My white bitch look like Sharon Tate.” Valee parachutes in with a halting cadence, his whispery flow blending perfectly with the pillowy atmosphere: “Pouring up lean on a plane I’m flying for real/I’m flying in a hellcat like it’s a Bonneville.”

“Man Man” arrives along with an inventive animated video, directed by Austin Linkinhoker, whose quirky and psychedelic vision suits the music to a tee. The colorful new video follows My Favorite Color’s career as a class clown in a high school setting, as he flirts with baddies in detention and writes out his lyrics on the chalkboard. Valee pops in halfway through the video to add his two cents and provide a new visual dimension to the organized chaos.

“Man Man” is the latest in a long line of inventive videos from My Favorite Color, including most recently the ’90s sitcom-themed “Mama’s House,” the mannequin-filled “Cut Me In,” and 2021’s “Old News.” The creativity on display in “Old News,” in which the artist portrayed multiple characters a la Eddie Murphy, ranging from a kidnap victim, to a possibly untrained pilot, to a truth-telling stand-up comedian, inspired Pigeons & Planes to name him a Best New Artist in September 2021.

Hailing from Pittsburgh and based in L.A., My Favorite Color never paints with the same hue twice. The rapper has kept busy in 2022 by releasing sonically diverse tracks like “Dead It” and “Frustrated.” He is currently hard at work on his next project, an effort that keeps up the experimental spirit even as it properly continues the story he started with his heartfelt 2020 debut album Velma. Stay tuned for much more music and eye-popping videos from My Favorite Color in the coming weeks and months.

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