NY-born, Burlington, VE-raised folk/country-inspired singer-songwriter Caroline Rose came by to Toronto

Written By | Joshua Habtwold

Long Island, NY-born, Burlington, VE-raised folk/country-inspired singer-songwriter Caroline Rose came by to Toronto for the 4th date of her 12-date tour and performed at the Drake Hotel, in support of her recent album ‘Loner’. The venue is quite different from other Toronto-based venues since there is no actual outdoor lineup set up, but most fans were eager to wait inside until the show started. Once I got to the venue, the atmosphere started to change since the setup of the stage was presented vividly with the colour red, and it was quite evident since Caroline represented this colour for her recent project, and from the red roses ensembled around the instruments to the tour merch.

Once the show started, a good amount of people arrived of all ages and backgrounds to see what the show was about. The first group to be onstage was the Toronto-based alternative country/folk band, Lenny Bull (consists of Lenny Bull [lead] and Bryn Besse). Their sound was quite interesting for an alternative country/folk band since the lead singer brought some interesting vocals that you would hear from older country acts like Patsy Cline and Sarah McLachlan. The interaction from both members was quite comfortable, by how they sang together and how they vibe with the crowd. As well, Lenny also talked to the crowd about how their day was and how they will pay for shots at the end, as a good way to lighten the mood. In the end, they made the atmosphere and experience quite heartwarming.

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The next band that came up was Northampton, MA-based band And the Kids (consists of Hannah Mohan, Rebecca Lasaponaro, Megan Miller & Luke Averill). The lead singer came onto the stage and talked to the crowd how they never really have time to tour much since some members of the band are from certain parts of Canada and the US. To proclaim it, they were lucky to tour together as a whole and have played a variety of cuts from their albums ‘Friends Share Lovers’ and ‘Turn to Each Other’. The lead brought a sultry, vibrant voice to a point  where the vibe becomes more soothing toward the crowd. The band tends to be more relaxed and syncs in with how the singer interacts, which is quite different from the last band. From that, the lead feels the soothing, silent vibe and brings her vocals on a steady note, which kind of compares to other similar indie rock contemporaries. Overall, the crowd seemed to enjoy both acts and went closer to the stage once the band finished their set.

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Once the lights started to dim and the crowd became more close, all members of Caroline Rose (consists of Caroline Rose, Abbie Morin, Willoughby Morse for the Toronto show) came to the stage and Caroline introduced herself to the crowd and talked about the venue change for her show that night. She then started off by performing one of her cuts from her ‘Loner’ project, ‘To Die Today’ and managed to keep the lights dimmed. The deepness in her voice aroused the crowd, as a way for the crowd to vibe with her sound and enjoy the show. They started to play silently with the song, to soften the mood and actually vibe with the intricate lyrics from the song. During the end, the lighting increased and Caroline talked about a variety of things to bridge from song to song, such as going to a party and having sex on the front lawn, in order to bridge to her next song, ‘More of the Same.

What was interesting about the show was that Caroline was spotted wearing the same attire that she wore for the cover of her album ‘Loner’, which was quite interesting to notice the amount of red throughout the stage and tour merch. She then brought on some more energy and louder vocals for a variety of songs, which played good for the entire show. The band seem more relaxed and tend to focus more on how the sound fits from song to song whenever they perform. They also brought some interesting vibes whenever they perform certain tracks like ‘Cry’ and ‘Jeannie Becomes a Mom’. Overall, the concert is pretty interesting, as a sense for relaxation and bringing more calmer vibes, rather than having so much high energy all at once, which does seem appropriate for an indie rock show.

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