Oliver Sim—best known for his work as songwriter, bassist and vocalist for The xx— makes his solo debut with first-ever single Romance With A Memory today. The track, produced by Jamie xx, debuts alongside a lyric video starring artists and drag performers Charity KaseHoSo Terra Toma, Gena Marvin.

“I’m thrilled, excited, ecstatic, overcaffeinated and overjoyed to be sharing ‘Romance with a Memory’ with you all,” says Sim. “Terrifyingly, this is the first song I’ve ever released under my own name, I really hope you all enjoy it. Produced by my dear older brother Jamie xx. I’ve also made a compilation of some of my favourite monsters, killers and queers getting down. I hope both the music and monsters make you feel as happy as they make me—I cannot tell you how much joy it brings me to watch a ghoul having a good time. P.S. still very much in a loving and happy relationship/band with Romy and Jamie.”

Sim, born and raised in London, has been a member of The xx since its inception in 2005. After the success of their 2017 LP I See You, the band’s three members made a conscious decision to take some time to themselves. After a period of rest and reflection, and at the encouragement of friends, Sim began to work on solo material. Taking inspiration from his love of horror films and his own life, Sim put together a handful of demos and brought them to bandmate Jamie xx to flesh out. “Romance with a Memory” was one of the first songs Sim wrote, and the first song he and Jamie worked on together. More music from Sim is imminent.

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“Romance with a Memory” was played earlier today on Interludes Radio, The xx’s new monthly radio series airing on Apple Music’s global live-streaming radio station Apple Music 1. Listen to the first episode at

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