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Pandora Celebrates Spooky Season With the Scary Station – Handpicked 100: Scary Shuffle and 11 other Halloween-Themed Stations

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Spooky season is upon us and there are so many different ways to celebrate! Horror movie nights with friends, haunted hayrides and pumpkin patches, and of course trick or treating with the family. No matter what your preferred way of marking the scariest day of the year, Pandora has a Halloween themed playlist to help you celebrate.
The Handpicked 100: Scary Shuffle is a station featuring 100 of the all-time scariest songs, selected by Pandora’s curators. Country fan? Well then your jam is Boo Y’all, a collection of haunted country songs, and if rap is more your flavor, then Hip Hop Thriller will be a perfect soundtrack for your party.
Please consider including these scary new stations in any of your Halloween coverage.
See below for all twelve spooktacular stations!
Pandora’s Halloween Station Suite
The ultimate mix of Halloween classics, Halloween themed songs and classic Halloween and scary soundtracks.
Pandora curators make their Halloween picks.
Halloween-themed music for the whole family. Play this station for a kid-safe selection of songs to add fun to any children’s party or trick-or-treat event.
Classical music with eerie melodies, suspenseful rhythms and uncanny instrumentation.
The most frightening tunes from some of your favorite indie rock and alt pop combos along with ghostly grooves.
The headbangingest holiday jams around — because after all, Halloween and heavy metal go together like a hockey mask and a machete!
All your favorite gothic pop and gloom rock jams.
The perfect soundtrack to your full moon, grave rave. Light some candles, drape everything in black cloth, turn it up and let the ritual begin!
Goth features songs from your favorite emo, post-punk, and new wave acts. Cue this station when you feel the urge to bust out your black nail polish and eyeliner.
Haunt your Halloween with the scariest Country songs ever.
The monsters of rap unleash tracks about goblins, ghouls and ghosts.
Spooky sounds to haunt your Halloween party and scare trick-or-treaters.