P!NK in Vancouver at Rogers Arena

Written By | Michaela Ciantis-Wong

Playing her first of two of shows at Rogers Arena, Grammy winning, double platinum artist P!NK starts her concert with a beautiful recorder rendition of the 20th century fox theme song; then curtains drop revealing a huge sparkling chandelier and as her Grammy nominated songs states the “party started”.

It’s overwhelming to decide where to look. There are dancers dressed in extravagant costumes, a huge LED backdrop and props to fit the scene that’s being portraited, P!NK’s band rocking out or her P!NK herself flying around the stage, and I mean literally flying! Performing without a hitch in her voice, P!NK sings so effortlessly as she preforms incredible aerial  flips that you’d only see in an acrobat show.

Being at a P!NK concert is like stepping into a story book. Each song is like a page, unfolding in front of the audience’s eyes. In between costume and set changes, P!NK plays a recorded messages about being yourself, inner strength, love equality and… revenge land?! After each small message, a new chapter of the concert unfolds. From an amusement park to barbie’s dream hotel, and a haunted forest to crazy party explosion and fire, P!NK guides the audience on a storybook journey.

The show feels like it belongs to the fans. P!NK makes it feel special; in between songs she banters with the audience, signs fan’s posters and jackets.  Even if you were in the nose bleeds, she greets you by flying up to the top of the arena, during her one of many acrobatic preferences. She even has special guest performances by Nate Ruess on a TV during “Just Give Me a Reason,” and a huge inflatable Eminem during their song “Revenge”.

P!NK preforms a great mix of old and new songs. So, no matter when you started listening to her music, you can still be able to party to a song you know. And hey! If you don’t know any P!NK songs then don’t you worry because she covers Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” that anyone over the age of 20 is definitely rocking out to!

P!NK ends the night with a slow song, which is a very bold choice. Most artist will end on a bang with a party song (which she has plenty of), something that leaves the audience full of energy and excitement. But then again, P!NK isn’t like most artists; she sings the audience a lullaby, wishing the arena sweet dreams instead.

Once the last note of song plays, P!NK skips off stage as the credits roll. Yes, she actually credits everyone who worked on the show, because this wasn’t a concert. It was a work of art. The lights came on and Edith Piaf’s “Non, je ne regrette rien” plays the audience off. Anyone who came to the show definitely didn’t “regrette rien.”

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Photo Credit: Michaela Ciantis-Wong

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